Who says love cant happen

Well this story is about a girl named shophia and her best friend since she was one went to the x factor and now came back to stay with her for a year.


3. Special night

Sophia prov

i am glad to be home i went upstairs and wrote in my journal. i heard a knock on my bedroom door and liam came in. hey liam whats up i asked i need to ask you something okay i said remeber when we were younger and we promised we would tell each other everything? yeah why? meet me at the old carnivel me and you use to go to when we were younger. Erm ookay i said when liam left i went to my closet and picked out a beautiful blue and pink dress with sprakely flats.i left the house 20 minutes later. I got into my truck and went to the place liam told me to. i parked my car to go find him i walked around for 10 minutes it was kinda weird everyone was dressed up and even more prettyer then me. i finally found liam at the fairs wheel i walked over to him and said whats going on? He said Something love come on and lets go on this ride? Okay i said. So we got on the fairs wheel and it stoped at the top and i was okay serously liam whats going on and he said Sophie look up at the sky and it said Sophie were here right now because i wanted to tell you that ive had feelings for you ever since we met the first time when we were 1. i was shocked and speechless liam looked at me and said theres one last part. The ride started again and it stoped at the bottom and we went to the water ride and we got on it. I was still shocked and when we went in to the tunnel he told me to keep looking up. I looked up and it said Sophie Marie Carter I LOVE YOU will you please go out with me? i looked at him and said HECK YES I WILL (:! I saw his face brighten up.

Liams Prov

When i saw her looked shocked i knew she was gonna say no but there was one more thing left. As we walked to the water ride i couldnt help but notice how beatiful she look and when we she she looked at me and said heck yea i will my heartt droped. When the ride was over i took her hand and intwined are fingers. We went on about 10 more rides and then we got in are cars and went home. When we got home the boys were at the door waiting for us and they kept asking questions.

Sophias prov

I'm kinda hungery i said is anyone eles? I AM niall said oh cource you are niall we all said. Do u wanna order pizza niall? YEAH he said. About 30 minutes later the pizza came and we were all siting in a circle and next thing you knew we were playing truth or dare. Sophia truth or dare Dj Mailk said Hmm truth i said okay whats happend with Izaac? oh great he asked that question. Well we were dateing about 8 years ago and i went to his house for dinner and it was all good till i went to his room and he pushed me into his wall and grabed my arm and cuted my wrist and then went to school the next day saying im emo and i got bullied for years after years till i turned 16 and i got new hair style and dressed nice and did my makeup , now hes dateing my best friend oh and the best part is i have a big cut down my chest i lifted up my shirt and showed them. Oh wow i didnt know that im so sorry they all said i looked at liam and said its all good i have you guys as friends and i have liam as my wounderfull boyfriend. So Dj mailk truth or dare? DARE he screamed i dare you to go outside and run to the park and back in ur underwear with harry shirtless. Okay the bothed said while they did that me and liam went outback to the pool and stuck are feet in. Im glad you asked me out by the way i said really i didnt think you had feelings for me he said who wouldnt have feelings for you your liam james payne. Next thing we knew liam got thrown in the pool and came were i was sitting and looked and me and said I like you alot sophia and he pulled me in the water with him and i came up from getting pulled in there was my best friend krissie and her boyfriend and niall and louis and harry and zayn were in the water and i swam to were krissie was. Hey bestie i got something to tell you! what she said im dateing liam and him and his four band mates and here with me for a year. OMG NO WAY she screamed oh did i forget to tell you she lives with me now.

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