Who says love cant happen

Well this story is about a girl named shophia and her best friend since she was one went to the x factor and now came back to stay with her for a year.


4. Phone call

About an hour later me krissie and the boys went inside and got dried of. Who wants to play truth or dare louis  asked? Everyone agreed to play truth or dare youngest first Sophia truth or dare Louis  asked? "Truth i said" How long have you had a crush on liam? well ive had a crush on him since we were 7 , the reason  i dated izaac was because i wanted to forget liam because i thought he didnt like me." AWWWW all the boys screamed " kay Louis truth or dare?" SUPERMAN CHOSES DARE hd screamed" hmm okay i dare you to jump in the pool naked! "okay he , said"

                                                                 Sophias prov

 After an hour of playing truth or dare we all had to figure out who slept with who. So Me and Liam in my room , louis and harry in the 1st guest room and Niall and krissie in the 2nd guest room. "Night everyone said" I went to my bathroom and put my long tiedyed shirt on  and put my blue spandex and i walked into my room and Liam was laying there watching tv. As i shut the bathroom door he looked and me and said  Hey theres my beautiful lady. I blushed and looked down then i walked to the bed and crawled under the covers and so did Liam we were laying there just looking at each other. He Wraped his arms around my waist and we just layed there haveing a convo till we heard Louis scream SUPERMAN and Harry saying Oh gawd my Buttah Sock. We bursted out laughing and louis came running in and jumping on me. OWW get off  you fat Sperman, He laughed "aww did i crush little sophia he said?" yes you did now go to bed before i throw my pillow at your face!! After louis left liam looked at me and smiled and said" how did i end up leaving you behind and not talking to you after that fight?" I smiled and kissed his cheek and said i do not no but were here now and that what matters" we fell asleep about 20 minutes later and My phone kept going off so i Answerd it.


person: Sophia its me your dad!

Me: dad why you calling me you never do?

Dad: I know but i just wanted to tell you that im getting married next month and i want you to be the flower girl.

Me: Dad I dont know if i can Moms Gone on a year around busness trip and I have people staying with me.

dad: Sophia i know i havent been the best dad but i love you and i never wanted to leave you but me and your mom could do it much longer so sophia please come to the weadding!

Me:(i started to cry a lil) yeah but the Guys are gonna have to come to! so whens the date and time?

Dad: Its July 8th and 3:00 Pm and its on the beach by my house bye sophia i love you see you then.

Me: Bye dad love you to

I hung out the phone and started to cry and i totally forgot liam was sleeping and he woke up just a little bit and said "babe why you crying?" My dad just called me to tell me hes getting married in 3 weeks and wants me to be the Flower "i barly go that out and i started crying a lot more. Liam shot out of bed and ran over to me and said Shh baby its gonna be alright were gonna go but i wount let him hurt you like he did when you were younger. I started to fall asleep so liam layed me down and crawled next to me and sang Little things to me softly.

                    The next morning

I woke up with out Liam next to me i got up and went down staris and everyone rushed over to me and put me in a group hug. Louis asked what happed between me and my dad , i told him everything. See when i was younger my dad abused me and hit me everytime i did something wrong , the only person that was there was liam , then my dad moved out and it killed me to see him leave i knew he never ment to hurt me but he had anger problems. I went to school by myself without a dad on fathers day and everyone laughed except liam because he knew what i went through. I felt liams around my waist and louis looked at me and pulled me from liam and huged me and said were going to that wedding and if he hurts you SUPERMAN is gonna kill him louis said :"thanks lou i , said" liam pulled me into a hug and kissed my forhead and i just smiled." So what we gonna do today Niall said? " well were gonna walk around town and go to the mall and hang out and probley go to a club tonight is that okay with you Guys? oh and my litttle brother and sister are dyeing to see you guys so is it okay if we take them to the park for an hour?

"Yah that sounds cool the all , said"


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