Who says love cant happen

Well this story is about a girl named shophia and her best friend since she was one went to the x factor and now came back to stay with her for a year.


1. Old friend

Sophia's Prov

SOPHIA MARI CARTER GET YOU BUTT OUT OF BED YOU HAVE A GUEST AT THE DOOR!!!!! i woke up from a dead sleep from my mom screaming my name "ILL BE DOWN IN A MINUTE! i said" i got out of bed and went to the mirror and i totally forgot i still had my braided pigtales in so i took them out. I walked down the stairs and went to the kitchen to see no other then LIAM JAMES PAYNE. My jaw droped when i saw him i havent seen him since i was ten and now im 18. I ran and gave him a hug i still have allways had feelings for him.

Liams Prov

When i saw sophia walk into the kitchen my heart droped shes even more beautifull then the last time i saw her. As i saw her jaw drop and run and give me a hug i didnt wanna let her go i still had feelings for her. I wanted to tell her but i need to find the perfect place and time to tell her how i feel.

Sophias mom's Prov

when i saw sophia's mouth drop i knew she still had fellings for him. i still havent told her im leaving for a whole year and the boys are staying with her.

Sophias Prov

i didnt want to let go but i had to so liam what you doing here, i asked? i am here because i am staying with you and my four band mates for a whole year. "OH MY GOSH YAY i ,said" i super excited now. Mom when do you leave ,i asked? She said today in an hour but first i got to take Izzabella and Bentley to Your grandparents. "But hey sophia i got to go get my band mates and ill be back in about 20 to 30 mintues liam , said." "okay see ya i ,said" after liam left i ran up stairs and took a shower after i got out of the shower i curled my hair and put light makeup on. i got dressed in my light pink shorts and my i love liam payne shirt on and i put on my pink toms and i walked down stairs. I said good bye to my mom and that ill miss her she told me that shes gonna send $300 a month for food and supplyes. when she walked out of the door i knew this was gonna be one fun year.

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