I've done a couple of bad things in my life... OKAY, well a LOT of bad things. Now I've just gone too far, and this time, it's life or death...


1. Beginnings.

My name is Tia-May Taylor. Or maybe it's Tia- May Johnson? Tia- May Cornish? Smith? It doesn't matter. Just call me Tia- May. My mum's been with a lot of blokes since she got a divorce to with my dad 3 years ago. My life was a lot easier back then. But since I was 10, my mum seemed to have a different bloke for every day of the week. How about Mike for Monday? Tom for Tuesday? Will for Wednesday? But anyway, my mum has been leaving me alone to fend for myself for over 3 years now, while she goes off to a cheap  skanky hotel with some wierdo who served her at the Pizza shop down the street. But since then, I've had to fend for myself by popping out to Sainsbury's to steal my own tea and then get home to cook it all up myself. I know you're probably laughing at me right now and thinking how much of a saddo I am, but I had no choice. My mum was never there for me anyway. She hated me. She had always wanted a baby boy, not a girl. But my dad loved me. He was caring and loving, just how a dad should be. I wish I knew where he lives now, then at least I would get a proper up-bringing just like my friend's at school. I wish I only had a dad. Not a mum. Because I'm Tia- May JOHNSON, not Taylor, and I have no mum.

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