To Embrace You

To embrace you, you need love. Someone to care, one that won't walk away.


1. To Embrace You

If you need someone to hold, someone to love

Someone you can call your own

One that won't walk away from love

Because things are going wrong


One that will love you in spite of the way you dress

One that will spend time with you

Instead of trying to impress

One that will love you for you


And not your personality

If you need someone that will understand

That God is Number One

And that you will serve him until he comes


Someone who won't leave

Because of what people say

One that won't tell you

They love you every other day


One that will hold your hamd

And show you respect

One that won't tell you hurtful things

And then regret


One that will be gentle instead of judgmental

Someone that will show passion and devotion

That won't be eager to rush a relationship

You need a companion


Not one that is jealous and selfish

Or that wants you all to himself

You need someone that wants to talk to you

And only you and noone else


You need someone honest

And not someone who will play you

You need someone you can trust

You're memories of past love have been erased


And one day your searching

Will come to an end

You won't have to

Search any longer


For everyone the time is now

You have that someone

It is God

That will embrace you





























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