Homecoming Surprise

Kyra, Nicole and Ella are a group of friends together with Liam and Zayn. The girls went on a vacation for a "time for themselves together". And they are now about to go home and meet up with Liam and Zayn who told them they will bring two friends with them on the airport when they will wait for the girls on the airport.

Will they get along really well? And is there something that Liam and Zayn not telling Kyra, Nicole and Ella?


3. 03 - Please To Meet You?



Ahhhh! Finally, it’s good to be home! Babysitting my little cousins is really tiring.. But they’re just sooo adorable!
Also.. And incident happened awhile ago. Ahhh, I need to rest!
“I see we have some ladies here, yeah?” I joked, seeing Niall with a chubby girl on the living room in the sofa.
“Yeah, but respect man. They are friends of Liam and Zayn they were from their group and this is where they also lived before. “Niall said seriously.
Obviously, he likes that girl. He took that joke so seriously.
“This is Nicole, by the way.” He said pointing to the girl he was with.
“Hi, Nicole!” I shook her hands and smiled.
Looking around the living room, I can’t see  Liam and Harry and Zayn?
“Where’s Liam anyway? And—” I asked Niall but Liam cut me there. I saw him walking down the stairs
“I’m here, dude!” Liam shouted. I gave him a manly hug.
Liam was followed by Zayn and a girl wearing pink glasses, thin and tall.
“Wow, Zayn.. Looks like you also have a girl there!” I joked and laughed.
Zayn gave me a little laugh and said “No Louis, she is also like Nicole. She’s one of the girls in our group.” He said smiling.
“Louis, this is Kyra.” Zayn said pointing to Kyra.
“Hey Louis, I’m Kyra, but you can call me Ky for short.” She smiled.
“Hi Kyra. What a lovely name!” I wasn’t joking this time.. Her name was pronounced as Kai-ra. So unique!
I looked around to find Harry, but there was no sign of him.
“Where’s my Harry anyway?!” I shouted with a pout.
“Garden.” Nicole and Niall were the only ones who answered me.
“Harrrreeeeeeeehhhhh!!!!!” I shouted while walking to the garden and I found Harry. Harry is my closest friend. I gave him a manly hug.
Then Liam came in the garden too.
“Uhmm.. Liam? Can you go with me upstairs?” I asked Liam
“Yeah.. sure.”
“And also you Harry. You should come with us.” I told Harry
“Why were you out there by yourself by the way?”
“Nothing.. I just needed some air.”

            Louis asked me and Harry to join him upstairs. I wish he won’t ask for help in unpacking his things. We always end up laughing and not finishing the work. And his things are really messy.
“Uhmm.. guys, I have something to say,” Louis said as we reached the second floor.
“Yeah?” I said
“What is it?” Harry asked while opening the door for Louis.
Louis took a deep sigh and said “Here it goes..” As he just dropped his bags on the floor carelessly. “So, there’s this girl I met awhile ago.” Louis sat down on his bed with us.”
“We’re listening..” I said.
“We were at the bookstore and we got kind of.. Got the same book.. I.. I didn’t want to let go. That’s because she kind of looked sad.. So I thought.. ‘Hey.. I could cheer her up’ I told I got it first and teased her a little bit. But.. I thought I crossed the line. ” Louis sighs “And she says she still has to meet her friends.. I want to see her again..But I think it’s impossible.”
“It’s not impossible. Don’t lose hope and I’m sure you’ll see her again, Lou” I said sincerely.
Harry did not say a word but the look in his eyes says that he was listening.
I told Louis to take a rest for a while..
“We’ll go down for a minute okay?” I told Louis. I and Harry went down to the living room.


 After a few minutes in the taxi, I’m finally here. As I was in front of the door, there’s no turning back now. I made a knock and having random feelings – happy, excited, and nervous.
But why should I be nervous?! I live here! But.. I don’t know..
Kyra opened the door and followed by Nicole who were both happy and shocked.
“Group huuug!” Nicole yelled as their arms were making its way to a hug.
“I thought you’ll be back tomorrow?” Nicole asked
“Yeahhh. Why are you here so early?” Kyra followed.
“Why?” I raised my eye brow, “I missed all of you so much and I don’t like being alone..” I made a disgusted face “It’s really creepy..

They both smiles and they led me in. As I enter,  saw Zayn on the other side.
“Zaaaaaynn!!!!!!” I  said while running, “You didn’t miss me huh? You didn’t come for a hug! And you didn’t even greet me!” I made a mad expression of a five year old.
“Are you kidding?! Of course I missed you!!” he gave me a tight sisterly hug.
“How are you?!!” I asked him.. nearly shouting.
“I’m good.. I’m good.. Now that all of you are here!” He smiled. I leaned closer to whisper “Who’s the blonde guy?!” I asked and I pulled back and gave him a confusing look.
Zayn looked around the room and shouted “Niall!!”. Causing the blonde guy to look at us.
“So his name is Niall? Okay” I smiled. “Niall, I’m Ella!”
“Nice to meet you Ella!” He smiled straight to me and we shake hands.
Seeing Liam with a curly haired guy come down the stairs, I felt jealous. But seriously.. WHY AM I JEALOUS WITH A GUY?!
“Ella!” Liam shouted running to me and he gave me a tight hug. A very tight hug.
“Liam! I missed you so much!!” I really did. I missed him giving me some advice.
“”Oh! Right! Harry! Meet Ella! Ella.. Harry.”
“Hi Ella!”  Harry said.
“Hello Harry.” I smiled.
“Help me with my bags please, Liam?”
“Oh.. yeah.. right.. I’ve just got down and now we’re going up again.”
I gave him an angry look and  he said he was just kidding and he picked up the two bags on my floor.
 When we were in the room, I asked Liam if he can also help me with fixing my things. Good thing, he said YES. I hate unpacking. It takes me too long before I finish.
“I thought you’ll be back by tomorrow?”
“Are you asking me to leave now? And be back again tomorrow, Payne?!” I eye browed him.
While Liam was helping me, it was sooo quiet! So I thought bringing up the topic on what happened  awhile ago would drag him into talking
“Liam.. I met a guy past few hours ago.”
“Yeah? What happened?” Liam seems  to be interested.
“Okay.. so to make a long story short, I was getting a book and it happened that, The guy took hold of it too and he really didn’t want to let go, so I backed off and told him that I have no time for those things and he’s trying to make me laugh by joking around. It didn’t really work out for me. So I just said.. I need to meet my friends.. which is true. But on the other side.. he looked kind of cute.”  I smiled, seeing the appearance of his face in my head.
I stared at Liam who had a cheeky smile then he directed his stare to the slightly opened door after looking at me.
I look at the doo-
Oh Crap. Just.. NO

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