Homecoming Surprise

Kyra, Nicole and Ella are a group of friends together with Liam and Zayn. The girls went on a vacation for a "time for themselves together". And they are now about to go home and meet up with Liam and Zayn who told them they will bring two friends with them on the airport when they will wait for the girls on the airport.

Will they get along really well? And is there something that Liam and Zayn not telling Kyra, Nicole and Ella?


2. 02 - Hello, Stranger


“Who is it?” I asked with my morning voice.
“It’s Harry.”
Well that was weird. Zayn is usually the one who wakes me up every morning.
“Come in..”
What? Really. Why is my heart beating so fast as Harry was making his way to my bed?
“Breakfast is ready.” He smiled.
“Okay.. I’ll be down in a minute.” I smiled, He helped me get up.
I reached out to my glasses before I brush my hair and Harry is still sitting on my bed. I don’t know if I’m irritated or what though.. I just didn’t say a word.

Maaaan, Harry’s taking too long to wake Kyra up! He’s been acting strange lately.
It wasn’t even who Liam asked to wake up Kyra. He just heard Liam saying that I should wake up Kyra for breakfast but he insisted to go. We can’t stop him because he might know about my secret and be suspicious.
Here I am again.. Getting jealous. I know Kyra is my best friend but is there something more about this feeling? I thought this was gone when they left. But.. Why all of sudden is this coming back?

While she was fixing her hair, I can’t stop staring. She looks so relaxed and her hair long dark brown falls perfectly. She’s lovely.
When she was finish, I decided to walk out of the room to wake up Niall. Kyra opened Nicole’s door and told me not to wake Nicole up and let Niall. She said that Nicole would love that.
Ugh. Niall’s such a hard sleeper that it makes him hard to wake up. Thankfully after a few minutes, he got up.

Harry woke me up and he said it was time to eat breakfast. When I stood up, I quickly asked him if Nicole’s already awake.
“Nope, not yet. Kyra was about to wake her up then she had an idea that you wake her up. She left the door open for you, just in case.” I paused, ”She also said that Nicole might love that.”
I smiled, liking Kyra’s idea. I quickly ran into Nicole’s bedroom. The door was open. I saw her sleeping soundly. So relaxed.

I felt someone tap my shoulder while I was sleeping.
“Nicole, wake up!” I heard a familiar voice.
I slowly opened my eyes and saw Niall sitting on my bed. I slowly sat and said “Hello. Good morning.” I smiled.
“Good morning, time to eat breakfast.” He stood up and helped me.
As we were making our way to the kitchen, I saw the group is already awake and Kyra’s eyes were still half closed. I guess she also just woke up. She is now wearing her glasses and she was sitting in the middle of Zayn and Harry.

I saw Niall and Nicole making their way to us. I am in the middle of vacant seat. I moved to my right for them to sit together.
It’s so quiet. I think if Ella or Louis is here, it won’t be like this. They both have a nice personality. I think if Ella meets Louis, they would get along really well.
“Zayn? Do you know when will Lou come back?” I asked breaking the silence.
“I don’t know.. Today I think?”

After eating my breakfast, I felt kind of lonely having only myself here in the apartment. So I planned to go home. Actually, I’m already in London.. Just far from our house. I planned to go home and surprise the group of me coming earlier.
It’s 11:00 A.M. and the cab will come at 12:00 P.M. I want to look for the book. While I wait for the cab, I came to the nearest bookstore.
As I went inside the bookstore, the room was so quiet. Obviously. It’s really peaceful here. There are only a few people.
I saw one book that intrigues me, I went straight there before someone else gets it before me and when I got closer, and I noticed it was the only one. As I am getting it, I didn’t notice that there was a guy from the other side and he was also grabbing the same book that I was holding. When I got it, his hands were still on the book. I keep on pulling it and he does the same. We did this repeatedly for 5 times and I’m getting tired of this. “Uhm.. Before you get angry, Hi.” He said in a sarcastically annoying tone. He sort of looked cute but the thought of him not being a gentleman made me irritated so I finally let go of the book and said.. “I have no time for things like this right now, I still have to meet my friends.” Then I walked away.
While walking.. I noticed that I was making a small smile. Maybe it’s because I think he’s cute.

While I was in the bookstore, I saw this girl that was also getting the same book that I was getting. I was just in a mood for some jokes and I guess she wasn’t. I saw that she was really annoyed and the time that she let go of the book she said that she has to meet with her friends so I kind of felt guilty for wasting her time.

After eating breakfast, I tried to stay in my room for the whole afternoon. I was just listening to some rock songs in my iPod and as the song change, I was in to a ‘deep thinking mood’. And then.. there was a knock on the door. I did not ask who it was. I tried to act like I did not hear it. Then after a few knocks, someone spoke “Ky.. It’s Zayn.”
I immediately took off my earphones and opened the door. I know Zayn, I think he noticed I’m down and he is the only one I can tell what’s going on in my mind right now.

I haven’t seen Kyra ever since we ate breakfast. So I decided to come to her room. Her door was locked. I just kept on knocking and when it took long for her to open, “Ky.. It’s Zayn.” I said.
Thankfully, she opened the door. She led me to her bed and she continued to lie on her bed and I also lied on her bed. It’s nothing wrong. We’re friends since childhood and we’ve done this quite a few times while we tell each other stories.
“Why are you so quiet? This isn’t the Kyra I know”
“I don’t know.” She paused, turning off her iPod. “Just..Wait for a few days and I’ll be back to my normal self… I think? ” She giggled.
“Please be back to your normal self! I kind of missed you being sarcastic, funny, hyper..”
“Aww.. Zayn.. I really missed you.” She said.. Smiling.
“I missed you too, Ky.”
“HAHA! You’re blushing!” I laughed, “You still haven’t changed.”
She just smiled and I started to tickle her. She is a very ticklish person. That’s why the group enjoys tickling her. She also has a laugh that is contagious, cute and funny.

The tickling stopped when we heard someone laughing and shouting downstairs. I got up and asked her if she wants to go down. She also stood up and fixed her hair. Oh kay.. I think I’ll take that as a yes.

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