Homecoming Surprise

Kyra, Nicole and Ella are a group of friends together with Liam and Zayn. The girls went on a vacation for a "time for themselves together". And they are now about to go home and meet up with Liam and Zayn who told them they will bring two friends with them on the airport when they will wait for the girls on the airport.

Will they get along really well? And is there something that Liam and Zayn not telling Kyra, Nicole and Ella?


1. 01 - Sweet Escape


Kyra, Liam, Zayn, Ella and Nicole are a group of friends. And for a year, the girls decided to be out for their own “girl time” as we would like to call it. And now, they think it’s time for them to go home and see each other again... They have missed the boys so much! Liam and Zayn promised them that they will wait for us in the airport and they will bring two persons with them. "I think they now have a girlfriend." was the only thing that Kyra thinks of it.

It’s just only Kyra and Nicole. Ella wasn’t with them right now, but she will catch up after 2 days.


When we saw the boys, I hugged Zayn so tight. I missed him so much! He is the one I can tell almost anything to among the group. When I saw Nicole let go of hugging Liam, we exchanged places and she hugged Zayn and I hugged Liam. It wasn’t really as tight as my hug with Zayn.

“Where’s Ella?” Liam asked.

“Oh... Ella? She said she will be back after two days.” I said, smiling.

I was looking across the room for the two people they were talking about and they were not really joking about it. And there is no way they could be their girlfriends. The two more persons they have with them are guys. One with eyes gleaming like emeralds and a gorgeous, healthy, curly hair. While the other one is shorter than the guy with curls and he had beautiful blue eyes.

“Zayn, Liam... I see you have made some friends here.”

“Oh, here’s Harry.” Liam said smiling while he was putting his arm around the guy with curls.

“Hi. I’m Kyra”, I said smiling “and this is Nicole.” I said putting my arms around Nicole and Nicole waved her hand.
“Harry. Nice to meet you both.” He smiled. Every time he smiled; dimples seem appear on his face.
“And this is Niall” Zayn interrupted as he put his arms around the blonde guy with shining blue eyes.
“Hey Niall, Nicole”, I said pointing to Nicole, “.. And I’m Kyra” I said smiling.
“Hi Nicole and Kyra. Nice to meet you.”, He smiled “You both have nice names” he said half-laughing.
“Are you..?”
“Oh.. hahaha I could tell from your accent.”

On our way to the car, Niall and Nicole are the only ones who are talking. In the car, I was seated beside Zayn, Liam and carry were beside each other and obviously, Nicole and Niall were also seated together.
Zayn was looking at the window. And I was so tired from our flight, so I decided to sleep on Zayn’s shoulder. But every few minutes, I wake up because Niall and Nicole were talking.
So I just stayed awake until we reached the house.

Wow. I never expected that Niall was like this, he’s different. He wasn’t like any other guys who judge me because I’m chubby. Niall wasn’t anything like that. He wasn’t teasing me about my weight or whatsoever. We have so much in common and I really feel safe when I’m with him.

I don’t want to think that I’m starting to like him because we only just met, but the thing that I’m feeling right now feels so right.


I really like Nicole. She’s simple, honest, friendly, funny and we both love food! I don’t know why other people from her school tease her about her weight! Even though she wears glasses, for me, she is perfect.
She’s different. Good different.

I think the girls are already there and even though they were away for only hour, I missed them. I’ll go call and check on them.

I called Kyra. It was really taking too long for her to answer. Typical Kyra.

“Hello?” Kyra said, she sounds tired
“Ky!” I exclaimed, “How are both of you doing!?”
“I’m on my room, so I don’t know what Nicole is doing. Ella, I’m tired. Can you please call Nicole first? I just need to sleep.”
“Oh.. Okay.. Bye. Hope you feel better!” I said, ending the call. That wasn’t really what I expected to happen. So I dialed on Nicole’s number.
“Ella! What are you doing?”
“Unpacking my stuffs. hahaha you know I take so long in preparing” She said laughing
“Haha! Okay.. You go unpack your stuff.”
“Okay.. Bye Ella! Don’t miss me too much.”
“Whatever, I’ll see you like in two days! ahaha”
I ended the call and I feel like I’m really missing on all the fun.

Last night, Ella called me. I was really tired and not in the mood that time. I decided to call her when I wake up. But I did not really expect that I am going to sleep the whole evening! Boy, I was really tired. I haven’t even unpacked my things yet.
Maybe I’ll do it a little later. I still wanted to go to sleep but someone knocked on the door.


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