Pain Can Be Hidden By A Mask Of Happiness.

The sequel to One Drunken Mistake=A Lifetime Of Pain. Emma, Max and Harry have never felt happier but will it be a happy ending...


5. Meet Ollie!


Emma’s POV

I had received a text this morning from the man who had crashed into me, informing me that he was able to meet to give insurance details tonight.

I thought It was a bit weird how he was so persistent that he wanted Max there, I mean why does my 3 year old son need to be there for him to give us car insurance details. Eventually though I gave in and Maxi was coming with us.

I felt someone come up behind me as I was looking in the mirror; they wrapped their arms around me and rested their hands on my bump. I could see the top of his curly hair in the mirror, and I giggled “What are you doing Harry?”

“Hugging my beautiful wife and baby what does it look like?” He sighed.

“It looks like you’re trying to delay the dinner I’m going too” I replied.

“Do you have to go Emma? Can he not E-mail you them or something?”

“Give it a rest Harry I told you I’ll be back early and I’ll get plenty of sleep for tomorrow, I promise I’ll be fine” I huffed, god he can way to protective at times “Anyway I thought Darcy was coming round for the weekend?” I asked.

“She is” He nodded now standing in front of me.

“Then you’ll be fine, now im going to get Max and we need to leave, have a good time with Darcy yeah?” he just nodded in reply and I placed a kiss on his forehead “I love you”

“Love you too” and with that I made my way out of the apartment with Max in tow. I had decided on getting us a taxi because I wasn’t much of a keen driver anymore.

“Hello, where am I taking you?” the driver asked as me and Max hopped into the back.

“Just to the pub down the road please, thanks” I said buckling myself and Max in.

It took us about 5 minutes before the driver turned round and said “That’s £2.50 love” I handed him the cash and took Max’s hand leading him out of the car.

We walked in looking around to find him, but I couldn’t see him until someone waved their hand in my direction I sighed and guessed that was him.

“Come on Max” I reassured holding his hand harder.

“Coming mammy” He smiled I don’t think he was too bothered knowing food was involved.

“Hello you must be Emma” The man spoke holding his hand out for me to shake; I quickly placed my hand in his removing it just as fast.

“That’s me and you must be Ollie?” I said sitting opposite him and placing Max on my knee.

“Yeah that’s right” he nodded “I bought you both drinks, juice for the little one and a glass of lemonade for you” he smiled.

“Thank you” I said before taking a sip of my drink and helping Max sip out of his straw.

“Okay so would you like to eat first then get the details, or the other way around” he asked.

“Let’s eat” I smiled “because I think my little Maxi is hungry” I said giggling and tickling Max’s stomach.

“Okay eat it is then” Ollie smiled quite a crooked smile, he was a tad creepy I don’t know if I liked him, let’s just get food and his details and get out of here.


After dinner I was starting to feel a little bit drowsy and my head was spinning, I looked at Max and he was already flat out.

“Okay can we quickly swap details, I need to take my son home” I slurred a bit.

“There in the car how about I take you home” I just nodded in response getting dizzier and dizzier.

We made our way outside to his car me carrying Max trying my best to concentrate and not drop him.

“It’s this one” he pointed; you could just see a dent in the side of the car that matched mine.

“Okay” I replied stumbling into the back of the car pulling Max close to me.

It didn’t take me long to fall asleep after I told Ollie my address.


I woke up to a tugging on my hair, “Mammy where are we? I’m scared” Max mumbled his bottom lip sticking out, I looked at him confused we should be at home shouldn’t we but when I sat up and took in the surroundings I realised this was definitely not home.

“I don’t know Maxi, Where did Ollie go?” I asked.

“He went in there Mammy, I don’t like him he scares me I want Daddy” He cried tears running down his face.

“Let’s go find him and get him to take us home yeah then you can have Daddy” I reassured getting out of the car, we made our way towards the building it seemed to be some sort of warehouse why the hell would we be here? I grabbed hold of Max tighter trying to guard his little body.

“Ollie!” I shouted, my voice echoing around the place, Max cuddling further into the crook of my neck.

“Oh Emma, what a surprise” Someone said in a very familiar voice behind me.

“Rylee?” I gasped turning around “What are you doing here?” I asked.

“That’s for me to know and well you to find out” She smirked.

Suddenly I felt a pair of arms around my neck and another pair pull Max from my grip making him cry louder “Max!” I screamed fresh tears rolling down my eyes as my oxygen in take was going down, I kept coughing until they finally released me and I fell to the ground.

“Emma, Emma, Emma poor innocent Emma why do you get yourself in these situations? Your life it could be so much simpler.” Rylee tutted while I sat there holding my neck trying to get my breathing back to normal.

“Where have you taken my baby?” I screamed causing me to cough.

“OH you’ll get him back now shut your little whiney arse up and do as I say” Rylee shouted.

I looked at her in shock before she continued “Consider yourself kidnapped Mrs Emma Styles” She said before punching me straight in the face resulting in darkness, I could see nothing hear nothing, my world had gone black.

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