Pain Can Be Hidden By A Mask Of Happiness.

The sequel to One Drunken Mistake=A Lifetime Of Pain. Emma, Max and Harry have never felt happier but will it be a happy ending...


2. Guess Who's Back?


Emma’s POV

“Harry I’m just going to the shop I won’t be long” I shouted up the stairs.

“Okay love you” He shouted back.

“Love you” I replied before making my way out the door.

As I walked along the path I saw one of the new neighbours walk out the door, it was the blonde man. I waved at him as he looked in my direction and he smiled.

As I carried on walking I could hear his footfalls behind me, then suddenly I heard a thick Irish voice shout “Wait!” I turned to see the man I had waved at and looked at him in confusion.

“You don’t happen to know where the shop Is do you?” He asked a big smile spreading across his face, I could see his big blue eyes gleaming.

“Yeah, im heading there now just tag along if you like” I smiled.

“Sure” He nodded catching up to me.

“So I’m going to take a wild guess and assume you moved here from Ireland” he nodded his head at my guess and smiled.

“So how you liking it here so far…” I paused realising I didn’t know his name.

“Niall” He added “And its okay I suppose but my girlfriend seems very on edge” he sighed.

“I’m sure it’ll pick up, just be careful Holmes Chapel is known for its drama oh and I’m Emma by the way” I chuckled.

“How so? And nice to meet you” he asked as we approached the shop door.

“Well let’s just say I had a very dramatic childhood here” I sighed picking up some Jelly tots for Max and some bread and milk.

Niall picked up what he needed and once we had paid we walked out the shop together.

“So what was so dramatic about your childhood?” He asked, I sighed heavily before replying.

“Basically, my parents died in an accident, I moved in with Harry and he soon became my boyfriend and I made friends with his friends Rylee and Liam. Rylee ended up pregnant a year later and we all thought it was Liam’s until we find out 3 years later it’s Harrys and he had cheated on me on our one year anniversary.”

“Wow, I’m sorry to hear that there’s something ironic about that story though”

“What would that be I questioned as we neared our houses” I knitted my eyebrows together in confusion.

“My girlfriend, she used to live here too and she told me about friends with the name Emma, Harry and Liam” I felt my mouth open in shock.

“Your Rylee’s boyfriend” I asked it coming out as barely a whisper, he just nodded in reply.

“Erm..i have to go nice talking to you Niall” I shouted rushing towards mine and Harry’s house.

“Harry!” I shouted and I could hear his footsteps across the landing as he rushed down the stairs.

“What’s up sweetheart?” Harry asked as I stood there in a state of shock.

“Rylee” I whispered.

Harry looked at me confused “What about her?”

“She’s back”

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