Pain Can Be Hidden By A Mask Of Happiness.

The sequel to One Drunken Mistake=A Lifetime Of Pain. Emma, Max and Harry have never felt happier but will it be a happy ending...


4. Accidents Happen!


Emma’s POV

It was a nice day in Holmes Chapel so I had decided to take Max to the park across the village, and let Harry spend some time with Darcy.

In all honesty I couldn’t be happier to leave the house it hurt to see Darcy so cut up, she kept repeating how much she hated her mother and how confused she was, and surely that’s not healthy in a 7 year old. Also I didn’t want to have to see Rylee again wasn’t exactly the high point of yesterday.

I looked down at my watch to see it was about time I took Max home for his dinner, I could see him climbing up the steps of the small slide just in front of me his tongue sticking out as he concentrated on getting up. I couldn’t help but let a little giggle escape my lips as I walked towards him preparing to catch him when he got to the bottom.

I could hear the little scream mixed with a giggle come from his mouth as he came down the slide his arms in the air, I held my arms out ready to catch him. Once he got to the bottom I picked him up and placed him on my hip, he looked at me and pouted.

“Mammy, I want to go again” He protested pulling out his puppy dog eyes.

“We got to go feed your tum tum Maxi” I smiled tickling his stomach making giggles erupt from him and his dimples shine on his face.

“Chips!” He screamed as I placed him on the ground and he began running to our car.

As I caught up to him I grabbed his hand and took him the rest of the way, before placing him in his car seat.

“chips chips chips I wuv chips” Max chanted in the back of the car.

I smiled “Let’s get you home little man”

I started the car and made our way back to our house which wasn’t actually that far only about 10 minutes. As we got to the junction I pulled out as it was our right away, but before I could stop it someone smacked into the side of the car, causing us to spin into a circle as the car started to slow down I turned around to see Max was crying, his little face crumpled.

“It’s okay baby, it’s over now were okay” I whispered soothing him “I’m so sorry baby” I felt a tear stroll down my cheek before there was a knock on my window.

“Miss are you okay I’m so sorry I didn’t see the give way sign” a man spoke from outside.

I turned around my head feeling a little dizzy and my neck a tad sore.

“It’s okay I suppose” I smiled.

“It’s really not how about I take you and your son for an apology dinner and I’ll give you my insurance details then, I’m Ollie by the way”

“Yeah sure” I just agreed wanting to get home “Here’s my number” I handed him a card with my number on I kept in my glove box I don’t know why.

“Now if you don’t mind I need to get my son home and make sure his okay I only live round the corner” I said before starting the car again and trying to drive and not let the tears mask my eyes.

It wasn’t long till I was carrying Max up the driveway to our house as he cried into my shoulder. I walked through the front door to see Harry sat on the couch with Darcy, them snuggled up together watching telly. I decided just to take Max straight upstairs to bed I think he just needs to rest after that.

I lay him down and pulled his covers over him. “It’s going to be okay baby boy it was just an accident get some rest” I soothed rubbing my finger across his forehead sending him off to sleep.

“Emma?” I heard his voice behind me and jumped.

“Harry you scared me” I breathed out.

“Sorry but what were you talking about it was just an accident?” He asked his eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

I made my way downstairs and sat on the single seated sofa and smiled as I saw Darcy sprawled across the sofa watching spongebob “Hey sweetheart” I chimed.

“Hey” She smiled and turned back to her telly.

“Emma you’re ignoring me answer my question” Harry demanded a scared look taking over his face.

“It’s nothing me and Max got in a little car accident that’s all” I sighed rubbing my neck as the stinging sensation returned.

“That’s all!” He shouted making Darcy jump a little but she ignored it, I stood up and pushed him out the room and into the kitchen. “Emma how the hell can you say that’s all? Are you ok? Is Max hurt?...Oh shit is the baby hurt?” Harry asked a tear strolling down his face as his hand rushed to the tiny bump resting on my torso.

“I’m fine, Max isn’t hurt just a little upset and the baby” I replied a tear rolling down my cheek to it hurt to see Harry so upset.

“Oh thank god” He rushed and pulled me close to him wrapping his arms safely around me.

“Accidents happen Harry, it’s a part of life” I sighed.

The only problem is what if it wasn’t an accident?...

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