Pain Can Be Hidden By A Mask Of Happiness.

The sequel to One Drunken Mistake=A Lifetime Of Pain. Emma, Max and Harry have never felt happier but will it be a happy ending...


1. New Neighbors!


Emma’s POV

Me and Harry had been to Hawaii for our honeymoon and it was beautiful but we only went for a couple of days as we had to get back to Max we miss him too much. He was with Danielle and Liam while we were away and we phoned him every night.

We had just landed back in England and were beginning to make our way back home. As we got into Harry’s Range Rover I let out a big yawn.

“You tired Mrs.Styles?” Harry winked I never got tired of hearing that.

“Very” I nodded adding in a little yawn for effect.

“Have a little nap it won’t be long till were home” Harry smiled and I just nodded again gently shutting my eyes before sleep took over.


I felt the car slow down as I slowly opened my eyes adjusting to the light.

“Emma?” Harry asked placing his hand on my leg “Were home” He smiled.

“Can we just get the bags later I want to see Maxi” I smiled.

“Yeah sure come on” Harry laughed getting out the car and I followed suit.

I saw a little head of curls looking out the window their eyes just above the ledge I instantly knew it was Max and I waved at him making him run towards the door and straight out to us.

“Mammy, Daddy” He screamed jumping on us, pulling us into a group hug. Danielle and Liam stood in the doorway smiling.

“Welcome back” they smiled.

All of a sudden I felt nauseous and I ran for the bathroom zooming right past Dani and Liam earning confused looks of Liam.

I emptied the contents of my stomach into the toilet and flopped to the side of it exhausted. I gently stood up and quickly wiped my face before going downstairs again.

“Sorry about that” I sighed but I got no answer they were all looking at something, I tapped Harry on the shoulder “What’s going on?” I asked and Harry just moved out of the way so I could see a removal van.

“New neighbours” Harry sighed.

“Oh okay” I looked again to see a blonde man get out of one of the trucks he had a big smile on his face then he was followed by a girl with long brown hair a girl who looked way to familiar.

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