They Don't Know About Us

After the break up of Summer Davis and Harry Styles, they both went their separate ways, hoping to never see each other again. 2 years later, their the biggest popstars yet. What does faith have in store for them?


2. ...

| ©Morgan |

"And cut!" the director's voice rang throughout the scene. They were currently filming 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol' (A/N I know, its someone else who played the girl, but its just a fan fiction.)

"Good take Summer," the director said, showing her a thumbs up. Summer smiled at the man, returning the thumbs up.

Her manager, Cardle came rushing up to her, wrapping a jacket protectively around Summer's shoulders, as he began to frantically tell her news.

"Simon Cowell wants to meet you," he finally said.


The One Direction boys, all except Harry, was literally bouncing in their seats, waiting for the superstar, Summer Davis to arrive.

"I don't understand why you guys like her so much," Harry muttered, knowing the history about him and Summer.

"You kidding? She's hot, she sings, she acts, she dances. And she's hot," Louis said.

"You said hot twice," Harry pointed out. Louis shrugged, and continued jumping in his seat.

"Sorry I'm late, the director kept me back," the sultry voice of Summer Davis herself said. Their mouth's gaped. She was gorgeous. Well, understatement of the year. Sex goddess.

Her jet black hair was highlighted with red highlights, travelling in curls like a never ending waterfall, her skin lightly kissed by the sun, her killer curves showing in her outfit, her crystal sky blue eyes gleaming underneath the lights, She was as you would say, a dream girl.

"Were you filming Mission Impossible?" Niall squeaked. The girl beamed at Niall, showing her perfectly white teeth.

"Yup! Throwing people off buildings is so not my thing," she joked, as the other boys laughed with her. Harry felt a pang. Something he's never felt in awhile.


A longing to hold her in his arms, laughing silently with her, kissing her sweet, cherry red lips, running a hand through her hair. Why hadn't he seen this in high school?

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