They Don't Know About Us

After the break up of Summer Davis and Harry Styles, they both went their separate ways, hoping to never see each other again. 2 years later, their the biggest popstars yet. What does faith have in store for them?


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| ©Morgan |


I brushed my jet black hair past my ear, walking into the auditorium. Harry was supposed to meet me here, but I came early, because I needed to do work. I stopped dead in my tracks as I heard voices, something like Harry.

"Here's your 80 dollars. You can dump Summer now," a deep voice said.

"I can't believe she actually thought I loved her," a voice, that sounded much like Harry's chuckled. I shed a tear, stepping out of my hiding spot.

"Why don't you tell her yourself?" I spat. His head immediately snapped to me, a curl getting into his eye. The other guy scrambled away, as Harry approached me. I backed away with every step he took.

"Summer I can explain," he started.

"Save it, Harry. I get it, I'm an ugly ass freak. Just fuck off," I spat, before storming off. I vowed to myself, I would forever hate that son of a bitch.

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