love complication

This story is about two girls by the names of Tina and Nina who are best friends. One of them loves one direction and the other one hates them.After meeting the boys will Nina start to fall in love with one of them and will all the romance split the boys up.


1. hi

Nina POV

"OMG WE WON" scearmed my best friend Tina jumping up and down her long blonde hair bouncing up and down with her and her amazing blue eyes.I rolled my green eyes at her and flicked my brown her out of my face let me just tell you something Tina is a HUGE one direction fan as for me i HATE them.


"I CAN'T BELIVIE WE WON V.I.P TICKETS TO  ONE DIRECTION CONCERT TOMMOROW NIGHT" Tina continued to screamed. "Okay okay. I get it just shush know, people are looking at us like were weird" I asked calmly kinda. "Okay sorry just got a little excited" Tina answered "A little? Really Tina really?" I said a little annoyed


"Whatever Nina come on lets go home and choose what to wear tommorow" Tina kinda demanded. "Okay come on then" I reply.We get in the car and Tina starts to drive. When we're half way there, Tinturns the radio on and to my luck little things was on. "You can't go to bed with out a cup of tea, and maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep, and all those conversations are the secrets that I keep, though it makes no sense to me." Tina sings. I turn the radio of and Tina hits me. "Hey that hurt Tina!" I say and hit her at the back of her head. "What was that for?" Tina shouts. "You started" I say "What ever" replies Tina.

We reach home and did I mention Tina and I live together? Yeah we're 19 and in two months we will be 20! We are SO excited. "Hurry up" cried Tina. "Okay okay I'm coming" I reply. "Why do I even have to come I mean I HATE them?" I ask. "Because you are my BEST FRIEND and because I LOVE them and I don't want to be lonely" she answers. "Your going to be at your favourite boy band's concert and your scared of being lonely?" I ask. "Yeah you know i dont want to be one of those people who get lonely." "Okay fine I'm only coming because your my bestfriend and I dont want you to be lonely" I answer. "Awesome come on let's choose an outfit now" says Tina.

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