The Willows

Summer has finally started and school is over. Janet and her friends are leaving for a few weeks vacation at her grandparent's cabin near Lake Tahoe. They are having the time of their lives but that all changes when they meet Mirella, the girl renting the cabin down the road. At first she seems nice but there is something about her that makes Janet uneasy and it isn't just the attention this girl is paying to Janet's boyfriend Matt.


1. The beginning of summer

Janet glanced over to the clock hanging on the wall. Just a few more minutes and school was out for the next two months. She sighed deep and tapped the back of her pencil on her desk. Why did time always move so slowly when you wanted it to hurry up? Finally the bell rang and Janet quickly gathered her things while smiling at her best friend Jessica. "Vacation!" She smirked. "I thought this day was never going to end." Jessica hooked her arm through hers and they walked out the classroom, giving a quick wave to the teacher. "Did you pack yet?" Janet rolled her eyes. "My mom keeps nagging me about what to bring. Honestly, I am 17 years old and I think I know how to pack a bag." Jessica chuckled. "I know, right? My mom is the same way. I can't wait to go to the lake. That was really cool of your grandparents to let you use the cabin for the summer. Matt must be excited," she wiggled her brows suggestively. Janet smiled at the mentioning of her boyfriend and nodded. "He is. It's hard finding privacy at his house with his brothers and sisters always there and you know how overly protective my parents are. So it will be nice to have him all to myself for a few weeks."
"I am surprised your parents agreed to this," Jessica scowled. "I mean, it's nice to have parents that care but your mom can take it a bit too far. I'm surprised she hasn't given instructions to Matt." 
Janet opened her mouth when two hands grabbed her from behind. "Did someone mention my name?" Matt wrapped his arms around his girlfriend's waist and kissed her neck. Janet chuckled and twirled around. "Jess was just asking about the list of instructions my mom left for you." She stifled a smile and looked at him sweetly. Matt cleared his throat and laughed. "She did. Separate bedrooms," he said sarcastically while tickling Janet. "And being a good guy, I will follow the rules to the letter." 
Janet pulled him closer and kissed the corner of his mouth. "Are you now? We will see if we can get you to break a few of those rules. After all, I hear your girlfriend has certain needs." Her finger skimmed his chest and lingered at his belt. She glanced up at him from under her lashes and smirked when her eyes locked with his. Abruptly she let go of him and grabbed Jessica's arm. "We have to go, babe. So much shopping to do and so little time. If we want to leave tomorrow we should get a move on." She quickly kissed Matt before Jessica pulled her away towards the exit.

Janet hugged her mother again. "Will you stop with this worrying? Seriously mom, you're embarrassing me. We'll only be gone two weeks and you know where we will be. Besides, I have me phone with me," waving her phone to prove a point. She turned to Matt who was busy trying to fit everything in the back of the minivan his parents let him borrow for this trip. "What the hell did you bring? You do know that we're only going for two weeks, right?" A crooked grin on his face. "Don't worry Missus B, I will take good care of her." He put his arm protectively around her shoulders. Janet's mother smiled. "I know that Matt. Don't hesitate to call if you feel the need to. No matter how late. And drive safely. It's the start of summer vacation so it could be busy. And wear sunblock, you know how easily you burn.." Janet rolled her eyes. "Mom! We have to go, geez" She opened the car door and got in the front seat. Waving her mom goodbye she sighed deeply. "I'm surprised she didn't handcuff you to your bed," Jessica chuckled from the back. "You and me both both," Janet laughed. "But we're on our way. Willows cabin, here we come!" She took off her sandals and put her feet on the dashboard, singing along to the music on the radio. 

Two hours later they arrived at the cabin. "Steve beat me to it" Matt muttered when he saw the car parked in the driveway. Janet and Jessica leaped from the car and walked to the back of the cabin. "You made it," Janet shouted at her friends. Giving Steve's girlfriend Lauren a hug before kissing Steve on his cheek. He reacted by pulling her in a tight hug and slapping her behind. "Hey, hands off the girlfriend," Matt grinned as he emerged. Steve chuckled and let go of Janet. "Not to worry, buddy. Lauren has a mean right hook. This is my cousin Alex. I hope you don't mind him tagging along." He pointed to the fair haired boy standing behind him. Alex waved shyly. Janet raised her eyebrows at Steve but he mouthed an "I'll tell you later"
"No, of course not. The more the merrier and there is plenty of room. Welcome, Alex. I'm Janet, this is Jessica, Lauren and Matt." Alex blushed and smiled at her friends. Steve broke the awkward silence by throwing his bag over his shoulder and walking towards the cabin. "Let's see the inside of the shack, shall we? I call dibs on the master bedroom because we need a double bed the most." He wiggled his brows at Lauren. "Right, babe?" Lauren shook her head and followed her boyfriend. "Can't you behave for like ten minutes?" She looked apologetic to Janet who grabbed her key and opened the door. "I wouldn't exactly call this a shack and there are 5 double bedrooms so no need to fight over them. She stepped aside to let her friends in. Matt whistled through his teeth when he entered the living room. A big fireplace dominated the room and was surrounded by cream colored leather couches. Janet pointed to the modern open plan kitchen. "Kitchen is over there. There's a utility room behind there with a washing machine and a dryer. There is one bedroom with bathroom on the ground floor, the others are up the stairs. All with views over the lake of course." Five pairs of eyes stared at her and she shrugged. "What? My grandparents like luxury. Get over it."
"Allright!!" Steve shouted. "This is going to be so sweet." Enthusiastic he ran up the stairs, followed by Lauren, Jessica and Alex. "You've been holding out on me, J" Matt whispered while wrapping his arms around her waist. "You never told me your grandparents were loaded."
"I didn't know that it was an issue," she smirked. "If you want something more basic, I'm sure we can rent something else." Matt tickled her sides. "Don't you dare. This is going to be a great vacation." He kissed her neck and pulled her closer to him.
Janet's breath hitched and a sigh escaped her lips. "We should go pick out a room" Matt reluctantly let go of his girlfriend. "I guess you're right. I'll go get the bags from the car."  


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