Summer Love

Izzah, Rynn and Ameryn were planning the summer vacation together in Hawaii when they bumped into One Direction and 2 other friends of them there too. Surpise? You bet!


1. Planning~

Izzah's POV

'Ugh! I hate school!!' I thought to myself. But thank god it's Friday already and soon, summer vacation is coming. Yes! Oh! I should go do some planning with Rynn and Ameryn. They'll definitely want to spend the summer with friends instead of being stuck at home doing nothing. I'll call them after school.


'Why aren't they picking up?! Today is bad Friday cuz I got homework to do on the internet and I need to do it fast before summer vacation comes ASAP' I thought in frustration. 

"Izzah! Over here!" I heard someone calling me.

I turned my head towards Starbucks and saw Rynn and Ameryn drinking there. Rynn was calling my name while waving, signaling me to come towards them. I did.

"Then you never invite me to come along with you guys," I pout.

"Sorry. We were heading to your school to tag you along when we found out you already left. So, we headed here," Ameryn explained.

I sigh and took a seat next to Rynn.

"So....any news on the others?" I asked.

"Afiqah stopped communicating with me like.....5 weeks ago. How bout you Izzah?" Ameryn asked."

"Horrible. Lydia never contacted me at all after she left. Guess she forgot," I said.

"It's alright Izzah. Cheer up! C'mon. Let me buy you a drink. What do you want?" Rynn asked.

"I want an energy drink to boost my energy," I said.

"Ok," Rynn said, walking away to order my drink including Ameryn and her drinks.

"So...what do you want to talk about?" I asked Ameryn.

It's always an awkward situation betwen me and Ameryn but we get along pretty well.

"I don't know. What are you going to do during summer vacation?" she asked.

"I was thinking of inviting you guys to come spend the summer vacation with me in another country. Such as......Hawaii I guess. But I'll have to ask my parents if they could buy us plane tickets," I said.

"Sure. That's a great idea," Ameryn said, beaming with excitement. 

"Did I heard something about going to Hawaii?" Rynn asked, settling our drinks on the table.

"Yep. Me and Ameryn were discussing about planning to spend the summer with JUST the three of us together at Hawaii. That is IF we could buy ourselves plane tickets," I said.

"Well, my parents asked me if there's any friends of mine wanting to go somewhere out of the country during the summer but I guess I got that covered. They said they'll book a plane ticket for Hawaii. It's the only one they could afford at the moment," Rynn said.

"Well that settles it! We're heading to Hawaii for the summer. Who agrees hands up," I said, raising my hand in the air.

Rynn and Ameryn did the same.

"I'll call my parents to confirm with them about this. I'll text you girls later cuz I better be heading home. It's getting kinda late," Rynn said, walking away from us to her house.

"I should be going too. Bye," Ameryn said, doing the same thing.

I'm all alone. Wish Lydia was here. Missing her loads. But I wonder where she is.

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