Summer Love

Izzah, Rynn and Ameryn were planning the summer vacation together in Hawaii when they bumped into One Direction and 2 other friends of them there too. Surpise? You bet!


2. Packing ^-^

Izzah's POV

I woke up the next morning with my head on my study table with the computer still on. Huh? Why am I in the study room? Oh that's right. I did my homework here. But I feel like I have just came back from the pub like a drunken retard walking in the house and coming inside here instead of my room on my comfy bed. Oh well. Silly me. I looked at the time and it was 9.00 o'clock in the morning. I got up, walked to the bathroom and took a quick bath. After I was done, I got changed into a simple tee, sweatpants and a pair of pink socks. I love pink. Lydia says I'm a pinkaholic instead of a shopaholic. I went to the kitchen to eat some pancakes when I saw my phone on the counter receiving a message from Rynn.

It says:

'Izzah! Guss what? My parents said they have already booked plane tickets for us! Isn't that awesome!?!?!?! I have text Ameryn about it. And my parents also said that we should start packing today then tomorrow we're off to Hawaii! Summer vacation is gonna be spectacular!'

Wow. I can not believe it! I never knew Rynn's parents could afford that much money to buy plane tickets for us to go to Hawaii. I shall thank them tomorrow. That reminds me. I should start packing up but I want to buy some new clothes too.

"Mom! Can you give me some money cuz I'm going to Hawaii for the summer and I want some new clothes," I said, shouting from the kitchen.

I forgot to mention that in my family, there's only me and my mom. My parents are divorced. And my brother died in a car accident when I was 6. Sad life? I know cuz I'm living in it.

"Wait. Izzah, did you say you're going to Hawaii?" my mom said, her voice shaking.

"Yeah. With Rynn and Ameryn. Why? Is there something I should know about?" I asked.

"N-nothing. It's.....nothing. Just be safe and here's the money. Go buy whatever you need to go to Hawaii," my mom said, handing me the money.

That was weird of her. Nevermind. I'll ignore that awkwardness of her. Time to head to the mall!


Alright. Time to shop. First on the list is buying a new swimsuit. Hm.....BILLABONG. I walked into the shop and saw a pink bikini top paired up with black swim shorts. That I'll buy. After buying those, I head to another shop buying a beautiful floral dress with some leggings. Then another store to buy myself  pjs, tops, bottoms and shoes. Alright. All check. Now to head back home and pack. This is gonna be an ExtraordinHarry summer vacation.

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