Summer Love

Izzah, Rynn and Ameryn were planning the summer vacation together in Hawaii when they bumped into One Direction and 2 other friends of them there too. Surpise? You bet!


4. In The Meantime

Lydia's POV


I was studying for my maths test coming up next week. When I was on the last chapter of reading/writing a fresh new sets of notes, my dorm mate came banging through the door with a bitch face on telling me I have to get out....from my own dorm room. Man she's sooo annoying. She didn't study for the test. I hate my dorm mate. Lucky my 2 best friends are in the same dorm together. But speaking of friends, I wonder how Izzah and the others are doing? Hope they're having a great summer vacation somewhere in the world called Earth. I just hope I could see them again.....including my family too. For my school, summer vacation is gonna start after our maths test next week. I'm studying really hard for it too cuz if you don't pass the test, you'll stay for summer lessons. School rules...hmph!

"Hey Lydia! Get out of the room!" my dorm mate yelled. 

"Geez! Relax will ya. I'll go out after I finish writing my last chapter of notes. Just give me a sec," I said, writing the last sentence of it.

"Finish yet?" she said through clenched teeth.

"Yep. I'm going out now," I said, walking out.

She slammed the door right when I stepped a foot out of the room. She's always gloomy like as if something bad happened to her recently.

"Hey Lydia," someone called me.

I turned and saw my best friend since 6th grade including my other best friend since childhood but we're not that close. Their names are Zariffa and Afiqah.

"Hey guys," I said, annoyed.

"Got kicked out?" Afiqah asked.

"What do you think," I said.

"AGAIN!? I'm gonna have a word with that girl. She's nuts in the brain ya know! She's always so....gloomy or something," Zariffa said.

"I'm not gonna let you have a fight with her. You're going to get punished if any of the teachers catch you," I said, calming Zariffa down.

"Fine. What now?" she asked.

"I don't really know but wanna go grab lunch for the time being?" I offered.

"Sure," they both said and we were off to eat lunch.


Izzah's POV

"Holy cheese. How the hell did you afford to rent a room in a 5-star hotel!?!?! Rynn?! You never told us anything at all during the discussion with your parents about our summer vacation here," I said.

"Yeah! Are you rich or something?!" Ameryn asked.

"Maybe," Rynn said, walking in the hotel to grab our room key.

She's definitely rich. Her parents are in wealthy jobs. Amazing jobs which gives you a higher salary than you could imagine! Sigh. Better take it then leave it. 

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