Summer Love

Izzah, Rynn and Ameryn were planning the summer vacation together in Hawaii when they bumped into One Direction and 2 other friends of them there too. Surpise? You bet!


5. "Hello..."

Rynn's POV

"How bout we go grab lunch? I'm starving," I said.

"Sure but...where?" Ameryn asked.

"Hm.....we could go...I don't know," I said.

"Lets just walk around. Do some sight seeing. Once we come back from lunch, we'll unpack and relax for the whole day in this room. Fair enough?" Izzah said.

"Guess so," I said and we headed to town to sight see. 


We have been walking around town for a good 30 minutes but we haven't found any place to eat lunch yet. Right now we have ended up in a shopping mall. We start to walk around when I saw a familiar person.

"Hey girls. Doesn't that person look familiar?" I asked Izzah and Ameryn.

They both faced the direction I was pointing to when someone appeared behind us.

"Hello there. May I help with something?" the person asked. 

We turned behind and saw Zariffa.

"Zariffa?!" Izzah asked/yelled in excitement in her voice. 

"Izzah?! I can't believe it! Why are you girls here?" Zariffa asked.

We're on summer vacation and we totally forget you, Lydia and Afiqah are studying here. We miss you girls so much by the way," Ameryn said.

Lydia' POV

I was handing out fliers for some newcomers to attend our school. Man it was tiring.

"Hey Lydia. I think I'll take over for you. Go and relax a bit at the booth," Sally said.

Sally is the president of my division dorm which includes Zariffa and Afiqah. Speaking of them.....where are they? I walked over to the booth and saw some familiar looking girls chatting with Zariffa. One of them saw me approaching them and it looked like she's Izzah. Wait........Izzah?! I ran towards them and it was true. Those girls were Ameryn, Rynn and Izzah.

"Girls?!" I yelled in excitement.

"Lydia! We miss you so much but I miss you more my boobear," Izzah said as she hugged me tight.

"I miss you too. Let me guess...summer vacation here in Hawaii right?" I said.

"Yep. Where's Afiqah?" Ameryn asked.

"Dunno. I saw her giving out fliers when she suddenly vanished. Maybe she went to the bathroom," I said.

We all nodded in agreement. 

Afiqah's POV

I had just finished going to the bathroom when I bumped into someone and dropped all of my fliers.

"I'm sorry," the person said.

"It's okay. It' my fault for bumping into you and dropping these troublesome things," I said.

"Here. Let me help you," the person said but it sounded like it was a male.

"It's okay really. This is no sweat," I said.

"Then let me take you somewhere to return," he said.

I had picked up half of the stack of fliers and looked at up. I saw beautiful brown eyes staring at me.

"Sure I guess," I said shyly.

"Great. Meet me here and give me your number maybe," he said.

"Sure. Here," I said as I showed him my number.

"By the way, I never got your name," he said. 

"The name's Afiqah," I said.

"Liam. Well Afiqah, I must be heading off now. See ya tomorrow!" Liam said as he ran towards his friends.

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