Summer Love

Izzah, Rynn and Ameryn were planning the summer vacation together in Hawaii when they bumped into One Direction and 2 other friends of them there too. Surpise? You bet!


3. Hawaii Here We Come!!

Ameryn's POV

Finally I have finished packing. I look at my alarm clock and saw it was almost time to go. Me, Izzah and Rynn were supposed to meet at the airport by 9.30AM. I know it's pretty early but it's the time of the flight. It's planned that way.

"Hey mom? Could you care to drop me off at the airport? I'm supposed to meet the girls there," I said.

"Sure sweetie. Go to the car and put your luggage at the back trunk will ya?" my mom said, heading to my younger brother's room.

In my family, I have both my parents, a younger brother and an older brother. My family is totally different from Izzah's family. Her parents are divorce from an argument they had. I snapped out of my thoughts when I felt something tugging my shirt. I looked down and saw my baby sister tugging on it.

"Hey little sis. What are you doing out here and not in your baby crib?" I asked, holding her in my arms.

She's only 3 years old and she hasn't said her first word yet.

"S-sis," she mumbled.

My eyes widen.

"What did y-you just say?" I asked, shocked.

"Sis," she said once again.

"Aw. She said her first word. Ameryn, hand her to your younger brother and I'll send you to the airport fast cuz you're gonna be late," my mom said from behind me.

I hand my little sis to my younger brother and off I go to the airport with mom driving me there.

Rynn's POV

"Hello? Izzah? Where are you?" I asked through the phone.

"I'm sorry. I think I'm lost. Wait. Nevermind. I think I've spotted you already," Izzah said and hang up.

I sigh and closed my phone. Just before the flight and everything's a mess with us not meeting in time.

"Hey Rynn. Sorry if I'm late. Where's Izzah?" Ameryn said, emerging beside me. 

That shocked me.

"I think I see her over there. She's running towards us," I said, pointing to Izzah's direction.

"Hey girls. Sorry for being late but I lost my way once I stepped foot in here. Directions give me headaches," she said.

"Nevermind that. We have a plane to catch! C'mon!" I said.

"Hawaii here we come!!" Izzah shouted.

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