The Ballad of Johannes and Voldemort

Johannes Cabal, infamous necromancer, had found himself in another precarious situation. He'd wagered against Satan, twice, and brought down a conspiracy involving war mongering Eastern Europeans, but he'd never faced anything of this caliber. Johannes Cabal had found himself in the company of a wizard, a powerful, evil, noseless wizard.

My entry into the crossover competition.


2. In Which Cabal Meets the Woman in Black and Learns His Purpose

"Ah, Bella, our guest," Voldemort lifted a hand to indicate Cabal as a woman (who might be attractive if not for the insanity that radiated off her) waltzed in. She regarded Cabal with disgust, and Cabal replied with a similar look reserved for demonic carnival workers who did not do as they were told.

"Why is the muggle not bound?" she barked. The word was beginning to grate on Cabal's nerves. He glanced at his pocket watch for the fifth time in two minutes. 

"Bellatrix, we need to have more respect for our visitors," Voldemort nearly choked on the statement as the woman in all black with hair the same hue crossed over to him. She scoffed when she moved past Cabal. "This is the man we found in Mirkarvia. The necromancer," he pet his snake as he spoke. 

"Necromancer?" Bellatrix laughed without humor. 

"Really, I must be going," Cabal said, not fully believing it would accomplish anything.

"You're not leaving that seat until you are needed," Voldemort said. Cabal rarely, actually never, paid attention to authority, but this couple demanded it. The wheels started turning in his calculated, scientific mind. Unfortunately, given the circumstances, he felt that even his most clever plan would fall flat against his current foes. He needed to get into the open where his options would be more plentiful.

"Well, then, if I am not to leave my very uncomfortable seat, may I at least know why I am needed?" Cabal inquired. Bella's eyes burned a hole through the necromancer while Voldemort glared at him with indifference. 

"There is a man, recently deceased, who would serve a better purpose if he could speak. I require a tool, more of a weapon, that regretfully has been lost for centuries. This person is the last wizard to know of it's whereabouts. You are going to have a chat with him for us." Voldemort grinned like his snake, now slithering at the base of Cabal's feet.

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