The Ballad of Johannes and Voldemort

Johannes Cabal, infamous necromancer, had found himself in another precarious situation. He'd wagered against Satan, twice, and brought down a conspiracy involving war mongering Eastern Europeans, but he'd never faced anything of this caliber. Johannes Cabal had found himself in the company of a wizard, a powerful, evil, noseless wizard.

My entry into the crossover competition.


3. In Which Cabal Hears the Tale of the Boy Who Lived

A small amount of time had passed when Cabal finally inquired as to why Voldemort wanted such a weapon, after all, though Cabal hated to admit it, he seemed quite powerful. 

"I am the most powerful man in the world," Voldemort began, almost as if he'd read Cabal's mind. The Necromancer shook as he feared that his captor's power may include telepathy. "Alas," he continued, "I am only as strong as my wand, which has failed me. Not that it's any matter to you, but I have but one downfall, a prophecy states that a boy has the potential to destroy me. Ordinarily, I would have no trouble killing him, but his wand shares the same core as mine, a feather from the same phoenix. You will be raising a wizard by the name of Grindlewald in order for me to gain information on where the Elder Wand is. It is the only thing I need to defeat Harry Potter." 

Cabal yawned. He didn't have time for Eastern European bourgeois maniacs, and he certainly didn't have time for their wizard counterparts. "How did this man die?" Cabal asked without interest. 

"I killed him for not telling me what I wanted to know," Voldemort said flatly. Cabal rolled his eyes.

"What makes you believe that he'd tell you in death if the very reason he's in such a state is because he wouldn't tell you before. What are you going to do? Threaten to kill him again?" Cabal's already thin patience dwindled even further. 

"I am not going to be the one asking." Voldemort's statement was to the point. Cabal believed this mission would become more and more difficult with every minute he stayed with the snake-like man and his psychotic mistress. 

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