Me you and my brother Lou

This story is about a girl who's brother louis is in the famous boy band ONE DIRECTION!! Im not going to use his actuall sisters! But while her brother is in the band she ends up falling madly in love with one of the other boy's in the band! Find out who it is......!


2. The Dance

Megan's P.O.V

Today was the day of the dance. And of course.....everything has gone wrong...... the hair and makeup artist is "Sick" my parents are fighting.... Hannah is flipping out... walking into my bathrrom and around my room... I don't know just because she kind of is a nervous person.. but I had just had enough.

My brother Louis keeps trying to convince me that his girlfriend Eleanor is a good make=-up and Hair artist and that she would love to help us.

"But lou! I just don't know if she can handle this on such short notice. I believe you she does her hair PERFECT EVERY TIME I SEE HER AND she always looks flawless.... But its such short notice!" I said frantically.

"Well if we call her now then she can do it... but if you keep waiting, it is going to be short notice." He said.

"Fine..." I sighed

20 minutes later I saw el's car drive up in the drive way. She got out and had a huge box in her hand. She walked fastly and a few moments later, she was in my room. I looked out the window and back at her amazed at how fast she got up here. I also know realized the box was full of makeup and hair curlers, straighteners, you name it.... it was probably in there.

"Ok lets get started." She said right away.

Hannah walked out of the bathroom and Looked at Eleanor like she was an angel sent from the heavens.

"Anyway... I Want my hair t-" I said while being cut off by Eleanor

"I know what you want." She said calmly.

"But-" I said once again being cut off

"No, I know what you you want." She said almost creepily...

Me and Hannah sat down side by side facing Eleanor.  

"Ok Hannah Im going to prep your hair and then start on Megan's make-up." She informed us.

"Ok" Me and Hannah said at the same time.

****************2 hours later****************

"And done." She said tapping Hannah's nose with the powder brush one more time

Me and Hannah turned around to the mirror. I was absolutely shocked. We looked stunning. My hair had big nice soft curls, curling to were it framed my face perfectly and I had a smokey eye, but it was a white smoky eye... nothing I've ever seen before. And Hannah..... She had her hair in nice big waves and had the same smoky eye.

I turned around to Eleanor...

"Thank you, Thank you so much!" I said tearing up.

"Mascara over flow." Hannah said quietly but loud enough to were we all started giggling.

I don't know why I was crying...... I just had never felt this beautiful.

"What are you girls giggling about." Said Lou turning the corner.

"WOW! Look at you guys." He said.

"Now go get your outfits on and we will see it all together." Said Eleanor.

A few minutes later Hannah and I walked out and Eleanor and Lou just smiled.

She was right..... she knew just what I wanted... and more.

"WAIT!!" Eleanor said.

WE all kind of jumped.

"You just need a little sparkle she said sprinkling some glitter in our hair.

We all kind of giggled again.

Well come downstairs we have a surprise for you." Said lou.

We grabbed our bags and everything we needed then headed downstairs. Lou started taking some pictures, mom and dad were down there to... for once not bickering.

"You look beautiful sweetie." My dad said.

"Gorgeous" My mom said.

We all looked at Eleanor who just kind of blushed.

"Now what was the surprise?" I said.

"Well there's 2." Said lou.

"Close your eyes." Eleanor said.

We both closed our eyes and held hands.

We then were escorted out side.

"Number 1." Said lou.

We opened our eyes to see Hannah's parents standing there.

Hannah just froze. Hannah lives with her grandma because both of her parents are in the army, and she basically only gets to see them 2 times a year.

I looked over at her and her eyes were full of tears.

"Mascara over flow." I whispered.

Her dad slowly walked up to her and grabbed her hands and led her to her mother.

It was a very sweet moment, they all hugged for a long time.

"Mom.... dad." I heard Hannah say.

"Are you back..... for ever?" Hannah asked.

"Yes sweetie... forever." Her dad said.

"Ok and number 2." Said lou pointing to a limo that came driving up our drive way and stopped in the middle of it. (The drive way is a U shape.)

"PARTAY!!!!" Screamed Hannah.

We both attempted to run over to it.... but we were in heels so we kind of... scurried.

I opened the door to find Max and Mathew sitting in there with flowers.

The started to crawl out and stand next to us.

"You look hot." Said max giving me a kiss.

Even though we have been dating for a long time it was still awkward to kiss him in front of my family.

He handed me the bouquet of flowers and then gave me another kiss. 

"Ok guys lets take some pictures." Said lou.

We took pictures for about 10 minutes, then hopped in the car for a night to remember.

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