Me you and my brother Lou

This story is about a girl who's brother louis is in the famous boy band ONE DIRECTION!! Im not going to use his actuall sisters! But while her brother is in the band she ends up falling madly in love with one of the other boy's in the band! Find out who it is......!


1. Shopping

Megan's P.O.Ves.

Hey babe! I said to my boyfriend when I found him waiting for me at the mall. Me and my boyfriend max had been dating for about...... 8 months now. We are both 16 but he is older by 4 months. I have brown wavey hair and blue eyes. He has sandy blue hair and beautiful green eyes.

We were like the thing at my school.... the best couple I guess. And we were madley in love! My friend Hannah and her boyfriend Matthew were going to meet us here to. Max swung me around into his chest. I wrapped my arms around him and we swayed back and fourth.

"Hey love doves!" shouted hannah.

"OH haha hey guys!" I said watching hannah and matthew walk up to us hand in hand.

We were at the mall today for mostly one reason... to buy outfits for our winter dance coming up.

Right when we walked in the dress shop I felt like I was in heaven.... beautiful sparkley dresses left and right. After about 10 minutes I already had 5 dresses picked out to try on. A purple, pink, light blue, white, and coral dress.

I tryed them all on but my absolute favorite was the white one! It was perfect for winter and it looked best with my hair and skin tone and everything!!

"Stunning....." was the only thing max could say when I walked out wearing it.

"Hannah ended up going with a dress very similar to mine but red. Both of ours was strappless and had sparkles and rhinestones ALL over it. The dance was this saterday. I know it was a little late to be buying our dresses but..... I dont know we just never had time to with all the exam's and stuff. Max and Mathhew ended up finding very handsome tux's.

"Next step... find make up and hair artist." Said hannah.

(A/N Ok so that was just a little taste of the story..... how do you like it??)

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