stole my heart

(I CHANGED THE TITLE TO STOLE MY HEART) IT USED TO BE LITTLE THINGS. amy has gone through a lot, her boyfriend raped her, but when her birthday comes her mum gets her VIP tickets to meet 1D, and on the day of the concert niall falls in love with amy. he dicides to tell her, she confesses that she also has feelings for him, so she goes on tour with the boys. Amy's ex comes back and hurts her and one of the boys..... And on there way to australia Harry releases that he loves Amy. (fanfiction) and there's an epilogue! :)


7. please wake up.

amys P.O.V.  You have to wake up. I need you. Please wake up. tears form in my eyes. they quickly fall from my face.   nialls P.O.V.  Niall! i hear a familiar voice yell. Niall. Please wake up. who is it? i thought tp myself.  You have to wake up. I need you. Please wake up. i hear someone say.i cant open my eyes. im struggiling to wake up.  its me, amy please wake up. amy!!! its amy!!! i think to myself. why cant i wake up? i need to wake up! i want to see amy. amys P.O.V. i open my eyes, to see that nialls hand is on my hand. so i quickly run out if the room and go to the doctor. doctor!!! doctor!!! doctor!!! i yell. whats wrong? he asked come quick!!! i run back into nialls room. what?!? he says. he moved!!! i point at his hand. he lifted his hand and put it on mines!!! i shout. thats good right!?? i say. that means hes fighting to wake up. the doctor says to me. whats wrong!!?? harry shouts. niall is moving! i say to him. come on niall wake up, you can do it. harry says. guys come in! harry yells what?!? liam shouts liam is staring at niall. hes moving! liam says. along with liam came the boys. 3 minutes later. his eyes start to open slowly. and everyone is in tears. niall! i shout. i give him a huge hug. amy. he says in a soft tone. i thought that i was going to loose you! i tell him. its alright, he says. well since he recovered quickly he can go in a few minutes. the doctor tells us. thanks doc zayn says.

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