stole my heart

(I CHANGED THE TITLE TO STOLE MY HEART) IT USED TO BE LITTLE THINGS. amy has gone through a lot, her boyfriend raped her, but when her birthday comes her mum gets her VIP tickets to meet 1D, and on the day of the concert niall falls in love with amy. he dicides to tell her, she confesses that she also has feelings for him, so she goes on tour with the boys. Amy's ex comes back and hurts her and one of the boys..... And on there way to australia Harry releases that he loves Amy. (fanfiction) and there's an epilogue! :)


15. Just friends

amys POV. so what store are we going to? walmart.he said.  okay. how long did it take you to write that song? one day, and we recorded and edit it in 2 days.  wow. thats amazing. you know, nobody has ever dedicaded a song to me. i admited. but you are so beautifull, why should they? he asked. i guess that i wasnt there type of girl. i said. your my type, he admits. i would do anything just to have you by my side. he says. aww. i say. look i know you just broke up with niall about a week ago but.... yes. i inturupted. what? he asked. i would love to be your girlfriend. i said. you do? he questioned. of corse! i say. i gave hm a kiss on the lips. when we arrived from the store niall came up to me. hey amy. he says. hey, nialler. i said. so how was your day? he asked. its been amazing. i say with joy. why? what happened? he asked. well, im not sure you'll like it. but since were Just friends i'll tell you. um...okay. he says. you now that new song harry wrote, and recorded with you and the guys? i asked. yeah, what about it? he asked. he dedicated that song to me. i tell him. and asked me if i wanted to be his girlfriend. a-and what did you say? he said with a worried expression. i said, yes. oh. he said. y-you have the right to date anybody you want, we are just friends,i know. he said. thanks for understanding niall. i thanked.

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