stole my heart

(I CHANGED THE TITLE TO STOLE MY HEART) IT USED TO BE LITTLE THINGS. amy has gone through a lot, her boyfriend raped her, but when her birthday comes her mum gets her VIP tickets to meet 1D, and on the day of the concert niall falls in love with amy. he dicides to tell her, she confesses that she also has feelings for him, so she goes on tour with the boys. Amy's ex comes back and hurts her and one of the boys..... And on there way to australia Harry releases that he loves Amy. (fanfiction) and there's an epilogue! :)


5. I think I'm falling for her....

(morning) Amy's P.O.V. I got up and I immediately went to the bathroom to take a quick shower, once I was done my phone started to ring. Hello? Hey! Oh hey isabel! Whats up? I asked. Nothing much. So how's things? She asked. Good. Oh, guess what? What? I'm going out with Niall! I said with excitement. Oh my god! Are you serious!?! She screams. Yeah! That is soooo amazing! She screams again. Yeah.... What's wrong Amy? Nothing. I lied. Come on, you can tell me anything. Well it's just that, last night I dreamed that Evan came back and he wanted to kill me. But instead he killed Niall. Oh. She said. That's terrible. Yeah. Well I have to go. Okay, bye amy! Bye. I went down stairs, I found niall at the kitchen eating tacos. Good morning! I shouted with joy. Morning! He shouted back. Do you want some? He asked. No thanks, I'm not that hungry right now. Vas happenin!?! I hear zayn yell. He came in and grabbed a taco out of nialls plate. Hey! Niall shouts. Hey zayn. I say to him. Prepare your suitcase. I hear Louis say. Why? I asked. Cause were going to Australia!!!!! Liam shouts. Okay! I say to them. I went up stairs and I headed to my room and got my suitcase out, I put all my clothes in it. And other stuff. (1 hour later) lets go! I hear zayn yell. I'm coming! I yelled back. When we arrived to the airport we went through the metal detectors. And when we were done with all that we got in the plane and took off. Nervous? Harry says. Yeah. I admitted. It's alright you can hold my hand if you want. He says in a shy voice. I smiled at him and held his hand. Harry's P.O.V.  You can hold my hand if you want. I told her. So she did. It was silent for a long time. I couldn't take it any longer. So, is this like your first time in an airplane? I asked. Yeah. She answered. I looked into her eyes and all the sudden we started to kiss. I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me. I apologized. It's alright. She said I don't know what's wrong with me. I think I'm falling for her.... 
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