stole my heart

(I CHANGED THE TITLE TO STOLE MY HEART) IT USED TO BE LITTLE THINGS. amy has gone through a lot, her boyfriend raped her, but when her birthday comes her mum gets her VIP tickets to meet 1D, and on the day of the concert niall falls in love with amy. he dicides to tell her, she confesses that she also has feelings for him, so she goes on tour with the boys. Amy's ex comes back and hurts her and one of the boys..... And on there way to australia Harry releases that he loves Amy. (fanfiction) and there's an epilogue! :)


14. C'mon c'mon

(10pm) Harry's POV. I have been writing a song for hours now! I think I need to go to sleep now. Since the tour is over we can go home! Nooo!!!!! I hear Amy yell. So I run down stairs. I see that Amy has just woken up. What's wrong?!? I shout. I had a horrible dream. She says. About what? I ask. You. You dying that night you fainted in Australia. She started to cry. It's alright. I carried her up stairs and laid her on my bed. I laid next to her. I ran my fingers down her beautifull wavy hair. And started singing. There is no other place were I would rather be than right here with you tonight. She Smiled. Then she fell asleep. (next day) I was finishing up with the new song I wrote. When I see that Amy woke up. Morning hazza. She says. Morning beautifull. I tell her. She smiles. What are you writing? She asked. You'll see. I said. (3 days later.) Harry's POV. Amy, could you come with me to the store? Yeah sure. She ansewered. I turned on the car. I start to drive. I turn up the radio. Amy, remember that you asked me what I was writing. 3 days ago? Yeah why? She asked. I wrote a song and I wrote it thinking about you. Are new song started. C'mon c'mon, the one that I came with, she had to go but you look amazing standing alone. So c'mon c'mon. Move a little closer now, c'mon c'mon, show me what your all about yeah, ive been watching u all night, theres something in your eyes, say cmon cmon, and dance with me baby, yeah, the music is so loud. i wanna be yours now so cmon cmon, and dance with me baby. the 1 that i came with she didnt know how to move, the way that u let your hair down i can tell that u do, so cmon cmon, move a little closer now,  cmon cmon, either way your walkin now, cmon cmon show me wat your all about, yeah, ive been watching you all night theres somthing in your eyes, say cmon cmon, and dance with me baby, yeah, the music is so loud, i wanna be yours now so cmon cmon and dance with me baby, every step i take i feel more and more shes calling out, shes a lucky girl, my heart is racin, shes turnin around, i reach for her hand, and i say hey ive been watching u all night thers something in your eyes say cmon cmon and dance with me baby yeah, the music is so loud i wanna be yours now, so cmon cmon, and dance with me baby oooh, cmon cmon oooh cmon cmon and dance with me baby. harry! that is such an amazing song! i dont know what to say. amy? yeah, harry? i love u. i said. me too. she responded.

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