stole my heart

(I CHANGED THE TITLE TO STOLE MY HEART) IT USED TO BE LITTLE THINGS. amy has gone through a lot, her boyfriend raped her, but when her birthday comes her mum gets her VIP tickets to meet 1D, and on the day of the concert niall falls in love with amy. he dicides to tell her, she confesses that she also has feelings for him, so she goes on tour with the boys. Amy's ex comes back and hurts her and one of the boys..... And on there way to australia Harry releases that he loves Amy. (fanfiction) and there's an epilogue! :)


12. 1 week later/ Ellen interview

you know what? louis says to liam. what? liam asked. i just noticed that amy looks just like harry. he whispers. i mean look. they have the same hair. the same eyes. he says. but there not related. liam said. im just saying. louis says. when can i leave this hospital? harry says in a irratated way. your leaving sooner than i expected. the doctor over hears harry. when? i asked. in a week. he states. then the doctor leaves. it could have been worse. zayn says. yeah, i guess. harry says. what are we going to do? i say. do about what? niall says. about the concert. i say. people are out there woundering what happened to harry. oh. niall says. should we tell them? i say. well we have an interview on moday. liam said. but only if they ask. harry says. i agree. niall said. im hungry. i comment. lets go get some food! liam shouts. we all go out the door except niall. see you in a bite i say. nialls P.O.V.  arent you going to get some food? harry asked me. no. i say. look harry, im really sorry for hurting you. i apologized. i know that you probably hate me now. but...... niall, its alright. he inturupted. now go get some food! its not normal of you to skip a meal. he joked. okay, fine. i said. amys P.O.V. niall joins us. hey, he says. hey niall. i said. so..... he says. so what? i ask. i know that we broke up but....c-can we atleast be friends? he asked. of course. i say. but just friends. i stated. only friends. he said. (1 week later) harrys P.O.V. finally! its a week later. the doctor comes in. how have you been? great! i say. can i pleasse go. of course. he said. then amy and the boys come in. amy! i shout. hey harry! she responds. here you go. she hands me some clothes. now go change! she says with a smile on her face. when i was done changing we went directly to the ellen show studio. we got ready. even amy. so i heard that i had to interview a certain boyband. ellen says. the audience starts to make noises. are song starts to play. hey girl im waiting on, im waiting on you.  so come on and let me sneak you out.and have a celebration a celebration. the musics up the windows down. yeah we'll be doing what we do just pretending that were cool and we know it to.yeah we'll keep doing what we do just pretending that were cool so tonight lets go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun. i know we only met but lets preaten its love and never never stop for any one..... the music stops. ladies and jentle men. one direction. ellen says. so boys how are yall doing today? she asked. good. liam answered. so ive heard there was an accident about a week ago. she says. yeah.... niall says. what happened? she said. there's only one person who can tell you. Louis says. That's right. Ellen says. Please welcome, Amy Walton. Amy's P.O.V. I went and sat down near Harry. Welcome. Ellen says. I smiled back at her. It's a pleasure to be here. I say. So what happened that night? She asked. I turned to Niall and Harry. They both notted, as a sign to tell her. It's a very long story, go ahead. She says. Me and a friend go to there concert for my b-day. Me and Niall fall I love. We start to date. One day I are way to Australia Harry ands up kissing me. A few days later me Niall and Harry go watch breaking dawn pt 2. Harry confessed that he loved me. Even thought he is dating Taylor swift. And he also confessed to Niall that he kissed me. So then......Niall gets really angry and hurts Harry. Tears start to form in my eyes. And on the day of the concert Harry feels a lot of pain so he falls on the stage and passed out. So we called an ambulance. When we got there the doc. Tells us that he has to go into surgery. The tears fall from my face. I slowly wipe them off. So 5 hours later a nurses tells u
s that Harry died. So I freaked out. But then she sat, already he doesn't have to deal with cancer any more. So we tell her you've got the wrong Harry. Whats his last name? Louis asked her. So she says, Parker. And I say, we're waiting on news for Harry styles. Then she apologised for that mistake. Then she tells us that he's fine. And then the doctor told us he can leave in a week. I don't think I should have asked that. Ellen says with regret. Please don't cry. She says handing me a tissue. Let's go to commercial break there's more Ellen after this. She says. I'm really sorry for asking. She says. It's alright I say. Harry then gives me a hug. And said, be strong. Thanks harry. I said. Your welcome. He said with a little smile on his face. (4minuteslater) welcome back to Ellen. Ellen says. So we just heard a very sad story. But how did you get to met them? Well like I was saying, I met the boys because it was my birthday and my mum purchased some VIP tickets TI meet the boys. So I went with my best friend,isabel. At the end if the concert I was going backstage and I bumped in to Harry. So he took me backstage snd that's where I got to meet the boys. I stated. That's really cool. Ellen said. Yeah it was. I said. So where did all this happen at? What, the concert where Harry fainted? I asked. Yeah that. She Australia. I said. Wow. She said. Louis P.O.V. What was your reaction to all of this Louis? When Amy called me and told me that Niall was hurting Harry, I-I was just like, I just couldn't believe it. I would of never thought that one day they would fight. I was just so shocked. Liams P.O.V. What about you Liam? I was also really shocked. I just never imagened that. Zayns P.O.V. And you ? She asked. I wasn't there. When I heard that they fighted I just didn't know what to say. Amy's P.O.V. Well thanks for coming guys! Thanks for having us. I said.
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