Summer Love

When 17 year old Gracie goes to her Aunt's for the Summer she met a guy. An extremely hot guy. His name was Niall Horan. The two fell in love very very quickly. But what happens when Gracie has to go back home at the end of Summer?


1. Arrival

"Gracie!" My aunt exclaimed, running over when I got out of the car. "Hey aunt Jo," I replied, smiling. "How've you been? It feels like forever since the last time I saw you! Look how much you've grown, and your hair has definetly gotten longer!" Aunt Jo practically screamed. "I'm good and thanks," I said. I turned around to look at the beach across the road from aunt Jo's. The water was a brilliant blue and the sand was gleaming white. I started to turn away when a few guys walked up the wooden boardwalk stairs from the beach. There were three of them, all wearing surfing suits and carrying a surfboard. They were all very good looking. One was stunning with bright green eyes that you could see from across the street and curly brown hair. The other was tanned with shaggy brown hair and bluey-green eyes and the last one made my breath catch in my throat. He was the most gorgeous boy I'd ever seen. He had clear blue eyes and blonde hair. I couldn't see him clearly though. His eyes flitted over to me for a second then he went to turn away but looked back over at me with round eyes. In that one moment, time froze. I was staring at him and he was staring at me. "Hi sis," my mum said, lifting my suitcases out of the boot of the car, bringing me back to reality. I turned back to my mum and aunt. "Hey Melony," she answered warmly. "Here, let me take that," aunt Jo said taking the bag off of mums hands. "Thanks," mum said. "No problem." Aunt Jo took the bags inside and we followed. I looked back when I was at the door but they were already gone. Inside the house was gorgeous. The ground was floorboards and the walls were a gleaming white and if you looked out of the windows you had a magnificent view of the beach. I grabbed my bags from aunt Jo and took them upstairs into the guest room that would be mine for the Summer. I unpacked all the items inside the bags and walked downstairs to where mum and aunt Jo were talking. "Thanks Josephine. I better get going," mum said standing up. "See ya mum," I smiled and gave her a hug. "Love you. Bye sweety," mum said kissing my forehead before walking out the door. "Be good for your aunt!" she called out when the screen door shut. "So, what's been going on? How's things? Tell me all the goss!" Aunt Jo said smiling. "It's been good, really good. Nothings really happened. How've you been though?" I asked. "Yeah it's been good. The shop's going really good. Do you wanna taste my new recipe?" she asked. "Absolutely!" I exclaimed. "Ok, well you get comfortable while I make it, how's that sound?" she asked, her eyebrows raised. "Great, thanks," I answered smiling. It was now dark outside so I walked upstairs and had a shower. "Gracie! It's ready!" I heard aunt Jo call out from downstairs after I had gotten dressed. As soon as I opened the door the smell hit my nose. It smelt wonderfull. I ran downstairs into the kitchen to find a tray of apple crumble. Aunt Jo cut it up and gave me a slice. My teeth sank into it and it tasted wonderfull. It tasted so much better than ordinary apple crumble. When my stomach felt like it was going to burst and Jo asked "did you like it?" "Absolutely! It was sooo good. I'm really tired, it's been a long day, I better get some sleep," I said. "Okay, goodnight," she said. "Night." But once I was in bed I was suddenly wide awake. I tossed and turned all night, and the whole time I couldn't get that blonde boy with the clear blue eyes out of my head.

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