This is not the end... it's just the beginning

Jenny, is a 17-year old Tamil girl originated from India, currently living in the London, United Kingdom. To become a doctor, she came from Canada to London's "University of Oxford." In London, she rents a house with two other friends, named Saru and Netra. Unexpectantly, their neighbors are The One Direction crew. Let's see what happens in their lives...!


1. Start to freedom

"Daddy", I want to apply for Oxford university. "Well, sweetie I am not sure if you can handle it, you already lost your mom recently now London, I don't think it's a good idea. I don't want to loose you too darling," pleaded Jenny's father. "Past is past, I'm going to London and that is the fact, I don't want to hang around in Canada everyplace reminds me of mom, pa. Please give me the freedom to go..." "If you say so darling I can't change you, but go with your besties, Saru and Netra. "Dad, I already asked them, well infact we already got our visas ready for the trip." "Woah... you girls planned even without telling me what nice girls," Dad said sarcastically.

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