How True Love Really Starts

It was the beginning of summer and that means No school.. "Meckenzie get down" here my mom said, What?! Mom,"Avery is here".. Hey Av.. Not to be rude but why are you here this early and we have no school... "well i found out that my mom got me One Direction tickets backstage pass and front row seats",she said .. Well im not really a fan of One Direction but Avery can't stop talking about them which

makes me know about them even more.. "Av don't and i really mean don't think of bringing me", i said "Please Meckie you dont know that is when me and Zayn will fall into the moon and ride me on his horse".. "fine but i wont be as hyper as you at the concert",i said.. "I LOVE YOU MECKIE",Avery said running out the door and find something to wear for the concert

3 weeks after *Day of the Concert*

Well i curled my hair,put light make up and throwed on skinny jeans with a regular spaghetti strap and put a pink and blank flannel on top with vans. As soon as i was gonna text Avery i heard th


11. Spending time with my boys Chapter 11

This will be  a short chapter:)


Meckenzie's POV

     Avery and Zayn where going to meet Zayn's Family and go on a family picnic. Me and Harry where going to the carnival today with Mark since Harry and him are like best friends. "Marky did you change already?"i said. "Yes sissy." he said. Ever since he meet Harry and started hanging out a lot together Mark kind of stop playing with his toys and started singing because he just wants to be like Harry when he gets older. For a 3 year old he has a big dream. "LOVE IM HERE!" Harry said standing my the kitchen getting a bottle of water and munching on the left over cookies from yesterday. "HARRYO!" Mark said running down the stairs "MARKCHIN!" Harry said running up to him and carrying him on his back. Harry will make a good father because he is so sweet to my lil brother. Harry put his car seat in the car and buckled him in "Ready to go to the carnival?" Harry said "Totally!" Mark said. Harry turned on the radio and What Makes You beautiful was on and Mark and him started singing really loud. On Harry's solo parts he always faced me and sang to me in the car and kissed my hand.


    "WHERE HERE!" Harry said screaming in my ear "I think you broke my ear drum" i said walking out the door. Harry carried Mark out the car "Which ride do you want to go on first?"Harry said to me and Mark "Can we go in the spinning Dragon?" Mark said . We got our wristbands so we can ride on any rides instead of tickets. Next we went Bumber Cars and Harry and Mark rode together and made Mark steer the car while he presses the peddle. 


     We rode on all rides so we went to play some games. Harry got mark stuff animals and he got a huge panda bear for me because he got the jackpot. After we finsish the carnival we went to get some food and frozen yogurt. On the way home Mark feel a sleep and I was falling a sleep to and my head was on Harry's shoulder. We where on the driveway and Harry carried Mark in and he carried me in bridal style. and since it was late he sleep at my house and it felt so right cuddling with him and he kisses my forehead and says "I love you Meckenzie". 


Avery's POV

    It was so fun hanging out with Zayn's family today and his sisters where really cool. I was sitting by the tree sketching the lake and the trees. "Thats quite pretty but I think this is better" zayn said showing me his sketch of the lake and trees and me under the tree sketching the lake and trees. "That's beautiful zayn" i said hugging him . "My family really likes you" he said "how so?" i said "well they never lose a conversation with you and you always make them laugh and my sisters love you" he said pulling my hair to the side and making our face closer. "I have another drawing for you" he said handing me his sketch book. It was me and him watching the sunset and sitting on the hill holding hands "Awwww Zayn" i said "I love you Avery" he said


    We are on our way to his house and it was getting late so I sleep at his and I borrowed a huge shirt to sleep with. This night felt so perfect if im in his arms. "Avery promise me you will never leave me" he said "I promise" than he cuddled me so tight. He sang summer love to me so i can go to sleep.


    When i woke up next morning i was wrap in his arms. So i tried waking him up by pecking his forehead which didnt work until i kissed his lips which made him kiss back and his hand went on my head them i noticed he was on top of me making out."Wait I have something for you" he said getting out a sketch book of me sleeping "Zayn" i said "sorry your to adorable sleeping and i cant help it so i sketched it and took a pic of you" he said. When i looked at his phone is wallpaper was me sleeping in his arms. "I think that was a cute pic of you" he said winking at me

Sorry if its a short chapter but i decided to update because I love you guys!


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