How True Love Really Starts

It was the beginning of summer and that means No school.. "Meckenzie get down" here my mom said, What?! Mom,"Avery is here".. Hey Av.. Not to be rude but why are you here this early and we have no school... "well i found out that my mom got me One Direction tickets backstage pass and front row seats",she said .. Well im not really a fan of One Direction but Avery can't stop talking about them which

makes me know about them even more.. "Av don't and i really mean don't think of bringing me", i said "Please Meckie you dont know that is when me and Zayn will fall into the moon and ride me on his horse".. "fine but i wont be as hyper as you at the concert",i said.. "I LOVE YOU MECKIE",Avery said running out the door and find something to wear for the concert

3 weeks after *Day of the Concert*

Well i curled my hair,put light make up and throwed on skinny jeans with a regular spaghetti strap and put a pink and blank flannel on top with vans. As soon as i was gonna text Avery i heard th


5. How Love began chapter 5

Meckenzie's POV

2 month after

It's been a 2 months since the break up and me and Avery has been hanging out with one direction and we have been really close to each other.. Me and Harry was going golfing and it was just me and him only. He said he has to tell me something before they go back to tour and they all have one month her in NY... When I was going to my big brothers room I heard him talking to someone and it sounds like they where talking about me...

When i opened the fridge I was going to get a bottle water and i got a text from Harry: Ill pick you up at 11 and Zayn and Avery have plans today too." Avery and Zayn aren't dating it's just that they have been hanging out more often since Zayn's break up and it looks like Zayn likes Avery. Speaking of Avery, me and Avery are going back home and I mean home where we came from for just a month. we came from Hawaii but we don't know if we should go because this guy is really in love with Avery his name is Tyler but he is a geek ... yikes its 9 i have to go change

i took a long shower and didn't know what to wear so I weared a shirt Harry got me. Im using a pink flannel with a white tank top under, with a light blue skinny jeans, fishtail braid and white converse I haven't used in a long time with a bracelet that me and Avery got from the guys. Ding Dong. that door bell is really annoying

"hey Harry" i said . "wow you look stunning" Harry said .. before we left I got my purse and put my iphone in there an said bye to my mom. we where singing Call me maybe in the car and we where laughing so hard because we remembered how Avery gets annoyed to it.

We got there and we played and Harry had to teach me because I haven't played in 6 years. We where about to go home and before that it was raining and we had to go under a tree and it was so cold he gave me his jacket .. we where soaking wet and he grab my hands and I didn't know what he was doing.Harry said"Meckenzie I know we been friends and since I meet you I actually felt feelings and I know you just got broken up but I- I Love you and it might sound cheesy but I do". I was shock until his face came closer, his lips so close to my lips and I felt his lips against mines and my hands getting tangle on purpose in his curly hair. I never kissed anyone so passionate before and this was the best kiss ever. I felt like a princess. He pulled away to ask me a question "Meckenzie will you be my girlfriend?" he said and i knew the answer right away "YES!" i said than he carried me and spinned me in the rain getting all wet and kissing for 5min. we went back to the car while we drove back to my place we where holding hands the whole time.

Avery's POV

Mecki text me about Harry and her and I was with Zayn going on a Horse but why does it feel so romantic? "Zayn where are we going?" i said "just wait because it's a suprise" he said . we finally got there and i saw a picnic basket with flowers and he helped me got down from the horse. Zayn and me where talking about Childhood memories. "Avery so your gonna be a senior ? that's fun and you should enjoy being in high school" he said "thanks but I would rather be a pop star than being in school" i said. " well It's hard having a job like this." he says and we where talking and talking until he blind fold me.

"Zayn? where are we going?" i said. and we where on a horse too so it was quite scary but i was just holding him by his abs because he told be yo hold on tight . when we got there he took off my blind fold and we where at the bay which I haven't gone there since my big sister died from a car accident.
"Where here. and I brought you here because you told me stories about your sister and this location which brought sad stories but I want this place to be happy so here it goes.. Avery you helped me a lot and remember when I said I want a girl like you one day well I do and I want it to be you". he said he grabed my hands and kissed it and put it to his heart "Do you feel that beat? Well that beat was from you. So what im asking his would you be my girlfriend?" he said "Yes,Yes,Yes!" i said and he had given me flowers because he let a bouquet of flowers here because he planned this day. I could never imagine me and Mecki having pop star boyfriends and this is awesome!!
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