How True Love Really Starts

It was the beginning of summer and that means No school.. "Meckenzie get down" here my mom said, What?! Mom,"Avery is here".. Hey Av.. Not to be rude but why are you here this early and we have no school... "well i found out that my mom got me One Direction tickets backstage pass and front row seats",she said .. Well im not really a fan of One Direction but Avery can't stop talking about them which

makes me know about them even more.. "Av don't and i really mean don't think of bringing me", i said "Please Meckie you dont know that is when me and Zayn will fall into the moon and ride me on his horse".. "fine but i wont be as hyper as you at the concert",i said.. "I LOVE YOU MECKIE",Avery said running out the door and find something to wear for the concert

3 weeks after *Day of the Concert*

Well i curled my hair,put light make up and throwed on skinny jeans with a regular spaghetti strap and put a pink and blank flannel on top with vans. As soon as i was gonna text Avery i heard th


2. Heart broken chapter 2


 I got in the shower when i got a text from Avery: "Mecki! Brent told me something really sad so if i where you don't use mascara when you see Austin.. and promise me that you will come straight here after," i texted her ok but i wonder why she texted me this, but i have to shower because im meeting my boyfriend and i wonder what's his suprise he will say


        I put on a cute peach shirt that says free hugs and skinny white jeans with red toms and curled my hair but im only putting lip gloss not mascara because Av said i shouldn't i wonder why but it won't bother me... I haven't seen Austin for 1 month because his mom brought him to California because they had a family reunion and i missed him a lot.. It's 8:56 i better go now

      I saw Austin sitting by the swings and i went over him "Hey babe i missed you" i said. "Meckenzie i have something to tell you" he said. he looks really serious and sad .. now im getting nervous " what is it Austin?"  i said. " k so remember this it's not you it's me and i know we loved each other since freshmen year but when i went back home to california I saw my childhood friend and we hanged out and we actually connected and i actually like her" he said. i was so shock and i felt tears falling out of my eyes " like as a friend or is it more than that?" i said. "Im sorry Meckenzie i never wanted to hurt you." I ran out of the park and went straight to Avery's house as she told me to and there she was with Brent comforting me.. " Im sorry Mecki i knew this would happen but Me and Brent want you to hear it from him" Avery said. " im sorry i know me and Austin are buds and i never told you little princess." Brent said.. Brent was me and Avery's best friend but not really until Austin came in high school.. he calls me little princess.. "It's ok i think it was for the best anyways and thanks for making me not use mascara" and we went back to my place and watched nothing Romantic because i was really heart broken but never showed it to them so we went to watch Jack Ass...

    When i went up to get some popcorn i got a text from Harry " Open your door." he said. I didnt know what he really means so I opened it and there where all of them.. and Avery and Brent went up to them but Harry went up to me and we walked up to my room and went by the balcony "you look like you just cried." he said. well i had nothing to do since he ask so I told him the whole story and all of a sudden i broke down so he brought me to his chest "break ups are hard and the worst is if you love each other that long." harry said.. it made me feel he was the only guy that knows how girls feel.. he hold my hand and pulled me out of my room but before he did that he pulled my hair to the side and wipe my tears away.. we went downstairs "guys im bringing Meckenzie to get some frozen yogurt and the guys wink at him and said ok and Avery said why wont you guys stay and me and Brent will Bring you guys around if you want "yes! i want food"Niall said


      We droved my Red Range Rover car and we had a fun time talking stories while eating frozen yogurt and it made me all forget i was heart broken.. We went sightseeing and when we went back to my place Avery and Brent weren't there yet with the guys so me and Harry just went across the park and followed me on twitter and instagram and  he tweeted   

@Harry_Styles:it's really fun hanging out with a cool girl but it's really sad seeing her cry so don't be hurt please because your not worth being hurt @Meckenzie_loves

@Meckenzie_loves: Thanks but it's really hard but your cool too @Harry_Styles

    We took lots of pictures and people started following me WOW! we made a video like a funny video together too .. It was getting late and we saw lights at my house and I see my mum is home so we went it.. "Hey mom it's". i didnt even finsh what i was going to say until my mom said "HARRY STYLES" and gladly Avery are here but they had to go "text you ?" harry said "no problem" i said


It was getting late and before i went to sleep i got a txt "Goodnight and don't worry of those you dont need because you still have your friends and us" Harry texted "Thanks and goodnight"


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