How True Love Really Starts

It was the beginning of summer and that means No school.. "Meckenzie get down" here my mom said, What?! Mom,"Avery is here".. Hey Av.. Not to be rude but why are you here this early and we have no school... "well i found out that my mom got me One Direction tickets backstage pass and front row seats",she said .. Well im not really a fan of One Direction but Avery can't stop talking about them which

makes me know about them even more.. "Av don't and i really mean don't think of bringing me", i said "Please Meckie you dont know that is when me and Zayn will fall into the moon and ride me on his horse".. "fine but i wont be as hyper as you at the concert",i said.. "I LOVE YOU MECKIE",Avery said running out the door and find something to wear for the concert

3 weeks after *Day of the Concert*

Well i curled my hair,put light make up and throwed on skinny jeans with a regular spaghetti strap and put a pink and blank flannel on top with vans. As soon as i was gonna text Avery i heard th


8. Goodbye New York Chapter 8

Sorry guys i haven't update for a while it didn't make me focus because of the Harry and Taylor rumor. It couldn't make focus so you guys should deserve this since all the drama with the fandom.



Meckenzie's Pov

     Well today is the day when we are going off to England. "I'll miss you princess don't forget your weirdo ok" Brent said while he was standing by the door while I was trying to zip my luggage. "Don't say that because I'll never forget you and now your going to make me cry" i said. "I'm here, Brent are you crying?" Avery said from behind with all her bags ready and with Sophie. "Come in here Dumbo because I'm really going to miss 3 of us being known in school the 3 musketeers." Brent said. "Brent are you going to miss me and Sophie?" Mark said coming in with his Superman toy Louis gave him 3 days ago. "Ofcourse I'll miss you guys because your like my lil bro and my lil sis"Brent said carrying the 2 trouble makers.


      "Mecks Harry and Zayn are here" Micheal shouted from the car and Avery ran right outside giving Zayn a big hug. "You know I'll miss you" Harry said hugging me from behind. "Harry we are going to not see each other for 2 months and that's really hard for me too but I'll facetime you and skype you ok?" I said kissing his nose. "But it's not the same seeing with you." Harry said whining like a little 4 year old like my brother. "Just promise me Harry don't do anything stupid because you act stupid mostly everytime if i'm if im not around ok? and i mean it" i said messing up his hair. "Don't worry im not like those jerks breaking a special girls heart, and Mecki ..Your beautiful and I love you." Harry said and he smashed his lips on mine until someone ruined the kiss. "Mecks We have to go Mum said!" Micheal said "well i'll see you in 2 much and behave"i said to Harry "Yes love and text me when your there ok?" Harry said and giving one last hug and hug 


       Avery's Pov


      Where leaving to England and Zayn swing me around before we left.. "Just remember I love you and when you get there call me ok?" Zayn said giving me his hat " Im going to miss you babe and don't be dumb like Harry ok?" i said "hahaha i won't i promise". Zayn said .. We are on our way to the airport and Zayn and Harry was texting me and Mecki. It was hard moving if your leaving your boyfriend but since there coming to england in 3 months it will be great."Sisi i'm scared". Sophie said because it will be her first time on a airplane. And i know she is scared because of the accident with my sister. I saw my mom crying in the corner of the airport with the phone in her hand "Mum are you ok?" i said. "Sweetheart, your dad meet another girl and he wants to have a divorce". my mum said. I broke down into tears ,my sister wasn't there because she was with Mecki. Why would my dad do that?


     We arrived at England and we finally settled into our house which was more huge. Mecki went to there house which was 3 minutes walk from our house. I think i have to tell Sophie the truth about our dad. "Sophie Princess come to sissy room please." i said . she came in the room and looked at me like she saw a ghost."Yes sissy?" she said "Well mummy and daddy aren't together anymore". I said "what does that mean ?" she said "daddy won't come back for us anymore" i said while she was getting tears in her eyes and so did I. I grabbed her in my arms quick because she is a 4 year old who is having these problems.


      2weeks past

    Me and Mecki have to enroll for high school which was Harry's old school because we lived in Cheshire,Holmes Chapel because our mum's hospital is there. Me and Mecki was on our way to the high school. We decided to wear Skinny jeans, Mine was white and her's was Light blue and we where both using the shirt Eleanor gave us with some heels. 

    "Good Morning ladies how may we help you" said a lady behind the counter. "We are enrolling for 4 year highschool"Mecki said. "Her is a paper and sign up you have your old school records?" lady said "yes ma'am her you go"I said. A guy walked in the room and said "aren't you guys dating Zayn Malik and Harry Styles from one direction?" the guy said "Wait. Harry Styles who used to come to this school?"the lady said. "Yes we are the girlfriends." i said in a proud way.We got home from the school and we got in because we are the girlfriends. "Sissy i went to my school today". sophie said 


      "Av tonight the guys want to facetime us ok?" Mecki said . My mum walked in the room with a deep depression. I wish my sister was here so she can help with Mum . I sometimes wish i wasn't the oldest sister for Sophie because im not really responsible for my sister.


Sorry it's a short chapter





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