How True Love Really Starts

It was the beginning of summer and that means No school.. "Meckenzie get down" here my mom said, What?! Mom,"Avery is here".. Hey Av.. Not to be rude but why are you here this early and we have no school... "well i found out that my mom got me One Direction tickets backstage pass and front row seats",she said .. Well im not really a fan of One Direction but Avery can't stop talking about them which

makes me know about them even more.. "Av don't and i really mean don't think of bringing me", i said "Please Meckie you dont know that is when me and Zayn will fall into the moon and ride me on his horse".. "fine but i wont be as hyper as you at the concert",i said.. "I LOVE YOU MECKIE",Avery said running out the door and find something to wear for the concert

3 weeks after *Day of the Concert*

Well i curled my hair,put light make up and throwed on skinny jeans with a regular spaghetti strap and put a pink and blank flannel on top with vans. As soon as i was gonna text Avery i heard th


4. Celebrity Break ups Chapter 4

I got a txt early this morning from Harry" Meckenzie is it ok if we come there today because Perrie broke up with Zayn for a hot super model" well i feel bad and i just got broken up and in a painful situation and i know how hurtful it feels so i text back "sure Harry and Avery could make him feel better" i text

They where on there way and I texted Avery that there coming but I didn't tell her what happened so i went to the shower put some white shorts and a light pink shirt that says Awkward with red toms and put my hair in a messy bun... soon as i went down Avery was there "where are the guys?"she said "well Harry texted me Perrie broke up with Zayn so we have to help him and i know how he feels cause i just got heartbroken yesterday"i said. Avery was gonna cry and break down because she really loves Zayn. I heard the door bell ring.. "hey guys" i said and they all said hi but Zayn was really worst than me and me and Austin been together since freshmen year and he was with her for 8months.

We all went to go by the couch and played wii u while eating some of what Niall request to eat. Smores.

Avery's POV

I saw Zayn in the backyard where the pool is and he was putting his feet in the water spacing out into the clouds. "Hey Zayn" i said. "Hey" he said in a sad voice like he was crying "Zayn please don't cry because she made a wrong choice because your an amazing guy and she doesn't see it"i said "thanks Avery and i wonder why your not in a relationship because you would make that guy feel really lucky"he said. "thanks" we where talking and he put his head on my shoulder and said "I wish the next girl I'll meet will be like you".

Meckenzie's POV

I wonder what's taking Av and Zayn so long but i know Av can make Zayn feel better because she makes me feel better through hard times. When I was getting some drinks i heard someone knocking on my door. It was Austin! "Austin what are you doing here?" i said "Meckenzie Im so sorry i realized that she isn't like you and all she talks about is her self and we have nothing in common..Like.. us"he said. "So am i your second choice Austin? Do you know how hurtful you hurt me? Im lucky because I had friends there for me and Harry made me forget about you". i said. "Im so sorry." i shouldn't be a jerk to break up with you because we been with each other for 3years and Meckenzie i never said this before because i was afraid you won't feel the same but I loved you"he said.

I ran straight into the house and closed the door with tears. Harry came and hugged me and they where watching what happen through the window. Avery came and hugged me and Harry whispered in my ears "you deserve more." I wish every guy would be like Harry but Austin was never a jerk until the broke up. i should have known when he came back he would be different but. Louis came up to my and wipe my tears and told me "your to beautiful to be hurt, you and Zayn don't deserve this." i felt so cozy with there words and Im there arms. Liam went to the store and brought some ice cream "girls need ice cream to feel better right" he said and we all laughed and he bought Zayn some chips and a note pad because he draws a lot when he is sad.

Im so happy that this broke up happen now because if they weren't here I don't know what would happen to me. I would die if they aren't here

Harry's POV

I never knew this would happen but when ever I hug her i feel like I have feelings for her but she is going through a hard time right now. I feel like I like her since I meet her at the concert so I offered we should go out and took her number. I wish i can make her happy and If she was mines i will never break her heart and make her cry because I will never be a jerk to let her go.

Im looking for a Liam girlfriend
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