Decisions, decisions

This modern day princesses but its not what u think it is. It's kinda confusing but plz read. Zayn has been looking for a girlfriend a while now. But when he hears about the princess from the other kingdom he changes completely. It's a movella full of decisions and drama. It's really not like Disney princesses or anything like that. You'll really like it if u read it.


1. Introduction

Nicole and Noah were walking home from school that Friday afternoon playing on their iPhones. They had a secret about their father,Zayn Malik. He was part of the band one direction but whenever people found out they'd get run over by the fans. They had to move to this place because no one would recognize him here. They had managed to survive and no one found out yet. But today was the day their dad was going to tell them how he met their mother. They didn't know it yet but they will be told. Zayn was cooking dinner when Nicole asked "dad how'd you met mom?" Zayn put his spoon down."it's a very long story", he said. They looked eager though. "I'm going to take you back to the day I first heard about your mom", he said as if he had super powers.
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