One Direction One Shots

These are some imagines, that I wrote! I hope you enjoy them!


3. You're Mine and Only Mine- Louis Tomlinson

”Are you sure, you want to go?” Louis asked for the billionth time. He wanted to go to the club with the lads and wanted me to go. I don't see why he keeps asking. No I don't want to but, whatever makes him happy. I just hate clubs so much. I guess he can tell I'm lying when I say things like;
”Of coarse! It'll be fun!” I said with fake enthusiasm. He eyed me. He was thinking, I know that look.
”Okay!” He ran to our room looking like a 5 year old that's about to go for ice cream.

What to wear. Whay to wear.

This is bogus! I had nothing to wear! I'm not a party girl so why would I? I sighed.

”Babe are you almost ready?” Louis wined as he came in seeing me exasperated. ”You're not even dressed yet?” I shook my head.
”I have nothing to wear!” I exclaimed. He thought for a second. ”How 'bout I go run to the mall real quick and pick something out?” I raised an eyebrow at him. Louis wasn't very good at picking clothes I felt comfortable in. I had to be ready in two hours, and I was desperate. ”Please !” I sighed defeated. How bad could it be?
”Fine. But hurry.” He grinned
”I'll be back!” He said running to the mall-no not actually running, he was driving. Louis wasn't one to run for miles to go to the mall.

”Here” Louis handed me a bag. It took him about 20-25 minutes. How bad could it be? I opened up the bag. I couldn't believe my eyes. I looked up at Louis. Was he for real?
”This?” I said, my voice with a hint of disgust ”Lou, I could never pull this off. It's not even my style”
”(y/n) you're beautiful of coarse you can pull it off. Besides you'll lool sexy!” He winked. I rolled my eyes. Well I guess it wasn't that bad...

”Fine.” I sighed.

”Are you re-woah” Louis came in the room, his eyes wide when he saw me.
”I look horrible huh? God I knew I could never pull this off I'll just ch-” I got cut ofd by Louis putting a hand up for me to stop.
”No you look. Wow. Just sexy” he smiled. I blushed. ”You should let me pick out your clothes more often.” He winked. I blushed even harder. ”Lets go” I took one last look at myself in the mirror. I hated how I looked.
I looked like a slut! I felt so uncomfortable, I didn't feel like going anymore. Well I didn't want to go either way, but I don't want to go looking like this.


When we got to the club it was crowded. Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Harry were all waiting for us in the VIP section.

We had only been there about an hour or two and Louis was drunk off his ass. He was somewhere off dancing with Harry. I felt so...icky at thia place wearing this. Liam was right by my side. Even though he had both his kidneys he still didn't drink much, I mean who would take the others home? I could but Liam still didn't want to drink.
I tried looking for Louis, when I saw him my eyes popped out. I couldn't believe him! He was grinding all over some blonde slut! If that's how he wants to be then so be it.
I started getting buzzed. I'd only had a few drinks, but I don't drink so I couldn't hold them like most people. Liam tried stopping me, but I wouldn't let him.
I went on the dance floor, and started grinding all over some drunk random dude. I didn't care right now. I was angry at Louis. How could he be so careless?
I felt myself being dragged away from the guy I was dancing with.
”Hey! What the hell?” I yelled to the person who took me away. I looked at him. Louis? ”Louis what the hell!? I was having fun!” I slurred. I was put into a car riding to...home?
It was all blurry.
”Ow! Lou you're hurting me!” I yelled at him once we got home and he roughly pushed me inside.
”What the hell (y/n)? You were grinding all over that guy!” He yelled at me. Was he fucking serious?
”No! Don't you be complaining to me! You were the one who was all over that slut to begin with!” I yelled back. ”Whatever ny head hurts. I'm going to bed.” I waved him off.
He grabbed my wrist, pushing me to the wall.
”I'm sorry (y/n). I'm drunk. And so are you. But I love you.” He said softly kissing me. ” You're mine and only mine.” With that he kissed me more leading me into the bedroom....

(A/N; I wrote this one! How was it? Please, pretty please leave feedback! And if theres any mistakes, I'm sorry its 12am, i have school in the morning and I'm on my phone! Thank! Bye!)
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