One Direction One Shots

These are some imagines, that I wrote! I hope you enjoy them!


6. Valentines Day- Louis Tomlinson

"Happy Valentines Day baby!" My boyfriend Lou, said over the phone. Yes, it was Valentines Day, and I was spending it alone while Louis is on tour.
"Nothing happy about it." I mumbled. He chuckled. 
"I'm sorry, I can't be there right now." He .". It wasn't his fault, though. He's working. Doing what he loves. "But I have a surprise for you!"
"What's that?" I asked. I didn't care what it was, all that much. All I wanted was to have him here with me. 
"You're gonna have to wait and see." I groaned. 
"Lou!" I wined. "If you weren't going to tell me, then you shouldn't have said anything!" He knows ho wI get.
"I'm sorry love, but trust me, it's worth the wait." I sighed.
"Doubt it." I grumbled, he laughed. 
"I love you Grace. I can't wait to see you again. Bye love."
"Bye Lou, I love you too." I said as we hung up.  So there I was, alone on Valentines Day, even though I have a boyfriend. I sighed. This is even worse than that time in 6th grade when my boyfriend dumped me, humiliating me in the process. 


I was watching the Notebook, when the doorbell rang. There was two odd things about that. One being; I'd be usually be watching this film with Lou, cuddling with him. But sense he's not here, I have no other option to watch it by myself. The other was the doorbell rang; It was late at night, and I wasn't expecting any company. Maybe it was the surprise Louis was talking about? Talking to him a while ago was the highlight of my day. 

I got up and opened the door, seeing a giant teddy bear that read 'Happy Valentines Day I Love You Grace'. That wasn't the best part, Louis cocked his head sideways, with a huge smile on his face.  "Surprise!" He yelled. I was lost for words, I couldn't believe he was here.
"I thought-but you said- ahh who cares I'm just glad you're here. I said as he pulled me into a giant hug. "I've missed you." I whispered in the crook of his neck. 
"I've missed you too, so much." He kissed my forehead.  "Come on." He said leading me to the bedroom, where we made passionate love. 


Grace I'm sorry if you wanted a dirty one, I wrote this one, and I didn't really make it dirty, but I can rewrite it if you want!


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