One Direction One Shots

These are some imagines, that I wrote! I hope you enjoy them!


9. They Don't Know About Us-Louis Tomlinson

You were on tour with you boyfriend of seven months, Louis.
They had a concert today, it was your first time seeing them perform live, with you being backstage. You being, you wanted to experience it all and watch from the audience
”Are you sure love?” Louis asked for the millionth time. You rolled your eyes, nodding. you knew why he was so worried. Your relationship had just gotten confirmed three months ago. You started getting all sorts of hate. Louis found out when you couldn't take it anymore, he found you on the bathroom floor crying, with two blooding wounds on your wrists. Your first and last time doing it, you promised yourself. ”We can have security there with you. Or you cand do this another time.” He suggested. You groaned.
”Lou. I'll be fine. Come on. It's your first show of the tour and I want to see you from the audience.”
”Yeah, but backstage you'll be safer. Please.” You shool your head.
”No, Lou please. Its just this show. If you don't want me there other shows then fine, but not this one.” He opened his mouth to say something, but you instantly cut him off. ”Yes. I've made up my mind.” He chuckled.
”Fine.” He sighed defeated. ”But I'll have someone keep an eye on you.” You raised an eyebrow him giving him the 'really' look. ”Okay. Okay. Fune. But be safe.” you nodded. Louis has been really over protective since the 'incident'
During the whole show, you watched Louis and only him. You watched him sing his heart out, pouring his soul ibto everything he did for these girls. And you too. Before you two were together, you were a huge fan. Harry is your best friend from childhood, so when you met Louis it was like love at first sight-you know how cliche that is, but its how things happened. Things of coarse didn't click for you two instantly. It took Louis some time to finally admit his love for you.
”This is for my beautiful girlfriend
Jillian I love you!” He said into the microphone as Little Things started playing
During his solo, his voice stronger than ever, singing to you.
Throughout it, you kept hearing murmuring from people near you.
”Look its her!” You heard someone say. ”So much love, her boyfriend makes her sit out with us all, not wanting her backstage with him!” Another snorted. You felt your eyes getting watery. ”Louis deserves so much better! Like me!” you rolled your eyes at that one. But two girls stood out for you. ”She's so pretty! Louis did good!” And another. ”I wish I had somene who loved me as much as Louis loves her!” You smiled.
”How was it?” Louis asked as soon as he saw you.
”You guys did great. It was all good. I told you there was nothing to worry about.” And you weren't lying. You honestly thought you were going to get trampled or something.
”You sure?” He asked uncertain. You nodded, smiling. ”I love you, you know?” He muttered on the top of your head as he embraced you in a hug. You nodded
”Yea I know.” You laughed. ”And I love you too.” Things were going alright. Finally people were seeing how much you two loved each other. And if they didn't. You didn't care, anymore. You and him knew, and that's all that matters.
! :) If there is any errors, I'm sorry! I'm on my phone!
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