One Direction One Shots

These are some imagines, that I wrote! I hope you enjoy them!


8. Socially Awkward-Niall Horan

"I'm on my way, don't worry!" I told my best friend Samantha. Of coarse I was lying. 
"Keneddy don't you dare lie to me! I know you! You said you'd be here on time this time!" Shit. She knows too well. Or is it because I'm getting to predictable? 
"Fine." I sighed. "I'm almost there. I'm at Starbucks right now.." I heard her sigh. 
"Whatever. Just please hurry!" With that she hung up. So let me tell you what was happening. We-she got invited to this party, and she was dragging me there claiming that ' I don't socialize a lot.' or 'You never go out!' 'You're going to die alone with 57 cats, due to your lack of socialism!' They're all true, but I'm a grown woman-18- and I can do what I want! Maybe I want to die alone with 57 cats. Though, I technically wont die alone with 57 cats, I'll die with 57 cats. 
Okay I admit I don't want to die with a bunch of cats. It's just that's how I am, I don't...'socialize'. It's like an alien to me. It was a miracle I'm even friends with her! True story.
I walked into Starbucks, my nostrils instantly filled with the aroma of the biscuitscroissants, etc.. This was my favorite place to be. It was nice, quiet. It smelled good too. I ordered (your order). I always get this, when I come here. No, I don't always come here. Just once in a while. 
I sat down at a table near the window, taking my kindle out in the process. What? I take it everywhere. 
I felt eyes on me. I looked up, there wasn't many people here. There was the employees, a family near the back, another guy just a few feet away from, and other older people. I went back to my reading, just as my phone rang. I groaned. Not this person again.
"Sam." I said irritated. I was just getting to the good part!
"Keneddy where are you? We talked almost an hour ago, when you said you were on your way!" And hour? Really? Wow, time goes by fast, when you're reading a good book...
"Well you see when I was ordering a giant teletubbie came through the door, and stole my croissant.." I could practically see her rolling her eyes.
"Ha-Ha very funny. Now when are you getting here or do you want me to go and get you here by the ear?" My eyes went wide. She always pulled that card on me. I've always had this weird thing phobia kind of thing, that I don't like people grabbing my ears, because I'm afraid they will stretch out just like Dumbo, ever since I was little.
"No. No. Don't do that. I'm on my way." I gave a nervous laugh out. 
"Hurry!" She said firmly hanging up.
"I' love you too." I mumbled. I gathered all my things up, dumping them in my bag. No, my coffee wasn't being dumped inside my bag, but it was being dumped on a total stranger I just had run into. "Holy shit! I'm so sorry! God I'm such a freaking klutz!" I said exasperated. I grabbed a bunch of napkins, trying to clean them up. There was some on their crotch. 
"I got it from here." His deep voice spoke. I looked up at them, it was the same guy who was sitting a few feet away earlier. How'd he get here? I blushed, letting him take over. 
"Yeah, that's a good idea..." He smiled at me. My phone buzzed, I rolled my eyes imagining exactly who it would be.

Hurry the hell up Kennedy!
  "Well, it was nice meeting you-or not- I have to go. Again I truly am sorry about this." I told him, rushing out the store and into my car.


"There you are!" Sam said rushing to me. "Where have you been?" 
"I thought we went over this. A giant tele-" She put a hand up.
"Save it. The point is that you're finally here." I shrugged. 
"Can't I just go home?" She looked at me giving me the 'look' she always gives me. I smiled innocently. 
"No. What you can do is come meet  actual people." See what I tell you is true! I followed her to a group of people near the snack table. "Harry, has Niall arrived?" Who was Niall? He shook his head. 
"Is this her?" He asked smiling. Her, me? Or her, what? Sam nodded, smiling. He grinned. Okay then...

"I'm here! Sorry I was late, a girl acciden-oh hi." I looked up. Him. First I didn't know if he was talking to me, but there he was, his blue eyes staring into my light brown ones. I half smiled.
"You guys know each other?" Sam asked. I shook my head. 
"I accidently dumped my coffee on him like a half hour ago." I explained. 

"I never caught your name, though. I'm Niall." So this was Niall."
"Uh-Ke-Kennedy" I stuttered. Shy mode activated. He smiled.

"Well we'll leave you to it." Sam said dragging everyone else away from us. 
"What was that about?"
"You don't know?" He asked. No I didn't know, whatever he was talking about. I shook my head. "They dragged me here to set me up with someone named Kennedy, so I guess that's you." He scratched the back of his head nervously. My eyes went wide. So this is why I just  had to be here. "I'm sorry if this makes it awkward.." 

"Trust me. It's something I'm used too." I said truthfully.  __________________________________________________________ COMMENT FEEDBACK PLEASE!   FAVORITE?   LIKE?
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