One Direction One Shots

These are some imagines, that I wrote! I hope you enjoy them!


2. MSG- ~Sweet~

The contract with Modest! ended, and the boys are at MSG performing. Louis glances over to Harry, and slowly walks his way over to him when they're all singing the chorus to little things. Louis takes Harry's hand, and everyone but him stop singing. He looks deeply into Harry's eyes, and sings,"I'm in love you you, and all your little things." The lights go off as Harry leans in and plants a kiss on his lips. "I've waited two years to do that." Louis whispers in the curly headed boys' ear.

(A/N: I know this is an odd one to put up here. It's just that I got an anonymous saying something bad would happen to me. And that I had a choice.... I got creeped out! Tomorrow is December 3rd! ._.)

I do not know who wrote this one!

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