Love me A Niall Horan Fanfic

Brenna lives in a small town in Ireland named Clifden. She moved there when she was twelve. She was born in New York and now is 19. What happens when her friends from America come for the summer and they take a trip into Dublin? Read more to find out;)


2. The dispatch and the arrival

Brenna's POV "We love you honey. We'll call when we get there. Oh and the girls' flight will be in at 11:00. It's 10:30 now" says my mom before she gets on the plane with my dad and 10 year old triplet brothers Matthew( who we call Matty), Patrick (Pat), and John (Johnny). I kissed them goodbye and watched them walk into the terminal. " Bye Brenna" the triplets said at the same time as they stepped onto the plane. I waved goodbye one last time before watching them disappear to their seats. I looked at the arrival board and saw that the plane from New York was on time and would arrive in 20 minutes. I sat down and started playing with my iPhone 5. After about 25 minutes of looking through twitter, I looked up at the terminal. I saw 4 girls sprinting towards me. I ran to hug them but bumped heads with Jenna. Chrissy, Victoria, and Julie started hysterical laughing while me and Jenna were rubbing our heads. Then we started laughing too
"OK guys, my car is outside if you wanna go now" I still had an American accent with a hint of an irish one in there too. We all walked outside to the car. Since they were staying for the whole summer, their luggage was going to be shipped from America. They only had carry-ons with them which was good because they wouldn't have fit my car anyway. When we got to my car all the girls stopped and stared at my new car. " OMG WHEN DID YOU GET A CAMARO?!?!?!?" Chrissy screamed. "Last week!" I said. " isn't it awesome!" "YEAH!!" They all screamed. We got in the car and I turned on the radio. "Next up is One Direction's new song Live While We're Young" said the announcer. Me and the girls had a great time on the ride home dancing to LWWY.
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