Love me A Niall Horan Fanfic

Brenna lives in a small town in Ireland named Clifden. She moved there when she was twelve. She was born in New York and now is 19. What happens when her friends from America come for the summer and they take a trip into Dublin? Read more to find out;)


1. Prologue

*Brenna's POV

Hi I'm Brenna. I'm 19 years old and I live in Clifden, Ireland. I was born in New York and moved here when I was twelve. I have three brothers- Matthew, John, and Patrick. My best friends names' are Chrissy, Victoria, Julie, and Jenna. We all love One Direction and Justin Bieber. I miss my life in America but I love it here. I take trips there sometimes to see grandparents and family that don't live in Ireland. My moms side of the family doesn't live in Clifden, but my dads side does. This summer, my parents trust me enough to let me stay in Ireland when they for to America for 8 weeks with my younger brothers. So I'm inviting my best friends to stay... This is going to be fun.
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