Love At First Sight

Macy Adams is just a girl that hated living. She is abused at home, her mom died recently, and her boyfriend just dumped her. She lives a horrible life and plans on killing herself. But right before she does, they guy that will change we life, saves her life.


11. Things Get Back To Normal

*4 weeks later*

Liam's POV

Wow, it's weird that Caity is dead, and not staring at me wherever I go. She is no longer after Macy. She can't kill any more people. Niall is out of the hospital, but is on crutches. At least he can be normal and not in a hospital bed. I just sat there, on Twitter, tweeting my fans. One said: "@Real_Liam_Payne is Niall okay?" The fans found out about Niall by picture that fan 'Lauren' posted on Instagram. I hated that fan. The are trending a tag called '#hateoncait.' They are making edits, posting pictures, and so much more. It is more popular than Haylor! Wow, that is alot. I tweeted that fan back:

"@Veronika_1d_luv: yes. he is ok. he is on crutches tho."

I always text talk on Twitter.

I see Nialler struggling to come into the living room with his crutches. I walk up to him, lift him up, and put him on the couch. "Thanks, bro, it would've taking me a year to get to the couch..." he said.

"You're welcome."

"Niam forever." Niall always says that when I help him out. We just laugh when he says that. Our fans make up these funny little names for two of us. Like there is Larry Stylinson, Narry, Ziam, they all think we're 'dating.' I don't know, our fans are crazy.

Niall put his crutches against the sofa and put his leg on the coffee table. "Can you turn on Keeping Up With The Kardashians?" he asked. I just bursted out laughing. "Seriously?" "Yes."

I get the remote and turned on his show. "There is Kourtney Kardashian? I need to keep up!" Niall laughed. "I see what you did there," I laugh.

Macy is out right now with Louis getting ice cream. Right now, I am still trying to get that whole Caitlyn thing out of my head. I know she is dead, but...yea.

Louis's POV

Macy is really funny. She always blurts out random things at random times. Of course, we were mobbed by fans. "Louis, you stole Liam's girl?" asked a fan. I can't even go to the store with a girl. They will think I'm either cheating on her or dating her.

"Ugh, no!" I said. I get really annoyed with fans sometimes.  We can't have a friend that is a girl! "Come on Macy," I say. She followed my out of the crowd and we got in my car. "Thanks, Louis," Macy said. "You don't have to thank me." I said back to her.

Earlier, I was talking to Harry. He told me a secret. Promise not to tell Macy or Liam? Okay. Good. Styles told me that he had a crush on Macy! Weird... He told me not to tell Macy or Li. Don't tell them, okay? Thanks.

I mean, I'll admit Macy is pretty. I have even told her. She has pretty brown eyes, chocolate brown curls, a very pretty smile, I have told her that alot. She said I was cute. I agree with her too, haha.

"Is Li home?" Macy asked me. "Yep. He should be." I say keeping my eyes on the road. "Okay." she said. I wish I had a girl. Liam and Niall are the only one's in the band who have girlfriends. Zayn, Harry and I are single. We made a single males club and we told Niall to join. I mean, we don't think Hollie and Ni go good together.

We got home and Niall and Liam we watching Keeping Up With The Kardashian's. Niall said he has a celeb crush on Khloe. I dont know why, though.

Niall was playing sitting on Liam's lap. Oh, Niall. "Hi Louis, hi Macy," Liam said. "Hey Li, just wondering, when are you getting a new hair style?" I ask. It seems whenever I go to the bathroom, Liam has a new hair style. Right now, his hair hair straight like it was in the X-Factor. Who knows when he will change it!

"Liam, I'm going upstairs," Macy says. Usally, she would be scared Caity is up there. But, she's dead.

So things are back to normal.

Niall's POV

I could hear the footsteps of Macy coming downstairs. Liam was sleeping, and Louis, Harry and Zayn were out at a signing. I decide I should take Macy to Nando's. I got a sticky note, and wrote:

"Macy and I have gone to Nando's. If you wake, feel free to join us. Call first, though. -Nialler"

I taped the not on his head.

Macy's hair was wet, so she must of taken a shower. "Hi Niall!" she said and sat next to me. "Hi, Macers. Wanna go somewhere?" I asked her.

"Um..depends where."

"My favorite place."

"Okay. Go get Liam."

"He's sleeping. I gave him a note to come and join us when he wakes." I told her.

"Let's go, then." she said.

We got in the car and I starting telling her about the fans.

"Now Macy, I know you are dating Liam, but you are going to have to hold my hand because the fans always wait at Nando's. Just say Liam told you to. Because that is what he would tell you to do. If fans ask for pictures or autographs, say... I told you not to. And if they if we are dating, just say Liam is...babysitting Lux and you were hungry and I was the only one home that could..." I had my long little speech with Macy.

"What about your leg? You cant walk on it. So you need to use your crutches, so I can't hold your hand..." she said.

"I only need to use one crutch." I replied to her.

We arrived at Nando's. Of course, there were fans. I got out of the car, and we walked to the front of the car. I had trouble so Macy came over and helped me. "Thanks," I said. We locked hands, and walked into Nando's, of course, we were mobbed by fans.

"Macy! Are you dating Niall now?" asked a fan. "No, I am just helping him...walk! Yes, helping him walk." I guess she forgot about what I told her to say. That was a good excuse, though.

"Niall, how's Hollie?" asked another fan. "Good, good." I say. "Where's Liam? He's your girlfriend Macy, he should be with you." says a stupid fan. "He is babysitting Lux..." she held the 'Lux.'

"Okay, nice meeting you guys. We are going to go eat now. Bye," I said. "Picture?" asked an inisent little girl to Macy.

", sweetie. I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to." Macy looked sad to say it. "Okay, bye..." the little girl walked away.

"Bye Ni! Bye Mace!" they said like they were close to use. We kept hlding hands. I guess we didn't notice fans were gone. But when she let go, I started to fall over. "Niall! She screamed and caught me and picked me up. "Be careful...Here, sit down, I 'll go get your other crutch."

I did as she said and sat. She got my keys and went to the car. I don't know about this...but... I think I might be falling for her...




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