Love At First Sight

Macy Adams is just a girl that hated living. She is abused at home, her mom died recently, and her boyfriend just dumped her. She lives a horrible life and plans on killing herself. But right before she does, they guy that will change we life, saves her life.


7. Niall, Are You Okay

Liam and I walked down the stairs, holding his hand. Niall looked at me. His face was saying 'did you say yes'? I put my thumb up. He winked. We sat on the couch. We just stared at each others eyes. We both had brown eyes. I could he looked like the happiest man in the world. But she just sat there and stared.

When we were finished staring, he turned on the television. Toy Story was on. This was Li's favorite movie. Liam wrapped his arm around me. His eyes were glued to the telly. He laughed at funny parts, cried at sad parts, and was quiet at cute parts. Liam was just adorable. I's weird say. I loved him. I want to be with him. Not for his fame, for him. I loved Liam Payne. Liam Payne loved me. It couldn't get better than this

"What a great movie," he smiled. I smiled back. "C'mon, time for sleep,'' he said. It's cute how he said 'sleep' insted of 'bed'. ''I'll take the couch," I said. "What do you mean? Aren't you going to sleep in here?'' "I'm not taking away your living space. I'll go downstairs, it's fine," I said exiting the room. "Macy, you slept in my bed with me before," he said. Oh! That's what you meant. Oops. Yes I'll sleep in here with you." we both laughed. I got under the covers with Liam. ''Good night, love." he said. He 'kissed' my lips. I didn't back away. I liked it. I just stayed there. Then, the kiss turned into a make out. Then finally we pulled away. He wrapped his arm around me. As we were about to fall asleep, I heard a gunshot.

I also heard a scream. Niall's scream. "Niall!" I ran downstairs. Someone just shot Niall! I looked over and saw a girl with long blonde hair, blue eyes and about my height. Oh no. Please, it can't be. Caitlyn.

I picked Niall up and put him in Liam's car. The blood from me was still in there. Soon, Liam's car will be red. Sh*t, I don't know how to drive. I didn't care, though. I needed to save Niall.

Liam probably didn't hear the gunshot. I am a light sleeper, heck I could probably hear a pindrop and wake up. I drove to that hospital Liam took me too. I am very strong, because Tom made carry 500 pound weights around for punishments.

I caried Niall ito the hospital. "He just got shot! I need doctors nurses! Hurry! Please!" I screamed at the lady at the front desk. "Hurry!" I heard Niall mumble something. "M-M-Mace-Macy-y-y," he tried to say. "Niall!" I said. I put my ear to his mouth. "Where am I-I?" he tried to say. "In the hospital." I told him. "W-why?" "Do you know Caitlyn? Liam's ex girlfriend?" I ask him. He nodds. "She shot you, Niall." I told him. I watch his big blue eyes widen. Doctors and nurses came out with a stretchor, and they too him out of my arms.

I ran along with them, and they ordered me to go back to the lobby. I refused. They picked me up and I kicked as hard as I could. "Let me loose!" I screamed. "No, you cant see him right now!" they yelled. They put me in a room that was quite small. They put cubes on my hands. In that room, I cried myself to sleep. Niall was my bestest friend out of all One Direction, beside Liam, of course.

The next day, I wake up in a hospital room. I look around and see no one in there. I get out of the bed, and sneak out of the room. I hope there are no secureity cameras in here. I run to Niall's room. He is sitting there with tubes in him. When I opened the door, he jumped a little bit. "Niall!'' I scream. I run up and put my lips on his. I quickly pull away. I forgot... "I'm so sorry," I say to Niall. "It's okay," he pulls in for another. I back away. "You have Hollie," I say to him. "I forgot. I'm so sorry Macy."

Great. I kissed Niall. Now he thinks I am onto him. My phone starts to buzz. Liam. "Hello?'' I say

Liam- Mace! Where have you been?

Me- Oh! I forgot to tell you! Niall is in the hospital!

Liam-  Oh no. Why?!

Me- Caitlyn. Caitlyn...

Liam- Caitlyn came last night?!

Me- Caitlyn...

Liam- What did Caitlyn do?!

Me- Caitlyn...shot him...

Liam- I will be over there asap!

-End of the Call-

I got a call from Louis. Oh boy.

-Start Call-

Louis- I heard. Is Niall okay?!

Me- Yes, he has a bunch of tubes in him and doctors and nurses are treating him.

Louis- Liam just left, and he didnt bring Zayn, Harry or I. We cant leave cause we dont have a car.

Me- I can come pick you up.

Louis- Nah, we need to let Niall rest.

Me- Okay, well I gotta go.

Louis- Bye Mace.

Me- Bye Lou.

-End Call-

I dont want anymore phone calls. I go to the lobby. I sit there. I wait for Liam. Should I tell Liam? Should I tell him I kissed Niall? I dont know. I should tell the truth. I think I am. I see Li walk in. "Li!" I go and give him a giant hug. Oh no. Fans. "No! Go away!" Liam screams. "But I want a picture!" says a fan. He walks up to me. "Lets go,'' he whispers as we ran to Niall's room. Fans chase us. He stops. "Go away!'' he hisses. They keep screaming and holding ou their phones and cameras for pictures. "No!" Liam screams. He grabs my hand. We run to Niall's room. ''Niall!" They start to scream. Man, the found out Niall got shot. They start crowding in the room. "Stop!" I scream. They all freeze ad look at me. "Who do you think you are?" asked a fan. "Well, she happens to me my girlfriend," Liam said. She stops. "I am so sorry!" she says bawling her eyes out. "You should be." She ran out of the room. "Lauren!" said another fan, running out after her. Lauren must of been her name.

The fans start touching Niall. "STOP! You could KILL him! If you mess up one of the tubes you could KILL him!" I scream. They all start crying, and run out of the room. ''I'm sorry, but they deserved it," I said. I felt really bad. "You're right, Macy, they could of killed him.'' Li said and comforted me. "Macy, you have now saved my life two times, I don't know how to repay it," he said. Then, I remember something. The blood in Liam's car. "Umm...Li?" I say. "Yes?" "I got more blood in your car... I'm sorry..." I say. "I could pay for it!" Niall said. "Okay, that's how you can repay, Niall." I said.

The nurse, Sandra, said that Niall had to stay in the hospital for a couple more weeks. Weird, I only had to stay overnight...well doctors and nurses know what they are doing. But, I still had a cast on my arm. Liam and I walked to his car, cause we were going home. To his house. "Don't be worried about Niall," I tell him. "he will be fine." I say. We were silent on the car ride home. It was about five minutes, but it felt like forever. When we got home, Liam finally asked me something. "Macy, how old are you?" he asked me. "15." I say. I can actually see his heart beating out of his chest. "Liam, I'm just kidding. I'm 18," I laughed. "Oh, you got me scared there." he said. He playfully picked me up and he ran around the house. We tripped, him on top of me. We started kissing. I think that must of been the most best moment of my life. I felt the world had stopped for a second. I want to be with Liam. Forever.


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