Love At First Sight

Macy Adams is just a girl that hated living. She is abused at home, her mom died recently, and her boyfriend just dumped her. She lives a horrible life and plans on killing herself. But right before she does, they guy that will change we life, saves her life.


3. Meeting One Direction

Macy's POV

"Are you ready to meet the rest of One Direction?" Liam asked me. "Yes." he walked around the car, opened up my door, and held out his hand. "You are such a gentleman." I said to him. He blushed. He walked me into the gigantic house. "Hey guys, I'm home!" Liam called out. "I brought someone with me!" "Ooh, did you find yourself a girly friend?" one of them laughed. "No, Louis, she was just...abandoned and needs somewhere to live. Can she stay here for a while?" "Yea, I guess," Niall said. "She is really nice." I just smiled the whole time. "Hi, I'm Niall, I like food." I laughed a little bit. "I'm Macy. Nice to meet you." we shook hands. Then, I met Harry, Zayn and Louis. Louis is really funny. He always blurts out random stuff. I think I'm going to like it here.

Liam motioned me to his room. I followed him up some stairs. He took my bag and put in his closet. "Thank you so much, for everything," I told him. "For what?" he questioned me. "For letting me stay here. You are the most nicest person I have ever met, Liam. I thank you for that." I told him. "You need a home. You can't live with your father," he told me. "You also saved my life. You saw me about to kill myself." "I know love, all I did was invite you to stay here." "No, you said I was living with you if I was going to kill myself." "Oh yea. But anyways, do you want to go pick out a room?" "You have more than five rooms in this house?" I asked him. "Yea, like eight rooms." Wow, you are rich." he just laughed. 

I picked the room right next to Liam's. I walked in. "Do you want some pajamas?" he asked me. "No, I am fine," I told him. "Are you sure?" he asked. "Yea." "Okay, goodnight." he put his lips on my cheek. I flinched a little, and remembered it was called a "kiss."

*Thirty Minutes Later*

I got scared. I started thinking about Tom. I was scared he was coming after after me. He is probably still searching for me. I got even more scared. I got out of bed went in Liam's room. I had tears coming down my eyes. "Macy, what happened? Are you okay? Are you hurt?" he was so overprotective. He walked over to me and hugged me tight. "I can't stop thinking about Tom," I told him. "
"Who's Tom?" "My father." "Oh," he said. "I just have that feeling that he is after me." "Macy, I don't imagine that he will stop here. And if he does, I will act like I have no clue who you are." I smiled, but I kept crying. "Do you want to sleep in here tonight?" he asked me. I nodded. "I'll sleep on floor," I said. "No, I will sleep on the floor. You sleep on my bed." "No, I am not letting you sleepon the floor, Liam." I told him. "Nope," he said. I just laughed. "How about we just both sleep in your bed." "Sure," he said. We got in and he kissed my cheek. "Good night, Macy." he said. "Night Liam," and I kissed his cheek.

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