Love At First Sight

Macy Adams is just a girl that hated living. She is abused at home, her mom died recently, and her boyfriend just dumped her. She lives a horrible life and plans on killing herself. But right before she does, they guy that will change we life, saves her life.


2. Liam Payne

Liam Payne. He was so nice to me and we had only just first met. He opened up the door and allowed me in. He walked around the car, and into the drivers seat. "Do you recognize me from anywhere?" he asked. That was kind of a weird question... "No, why?" I asked. "I am in the band, One Direction. Heard of it?" "No, my father never let me listen to music. I don't even know what it sounds like," I told him. "Well, you are about to find out." he said. He turned on the radio. "This song is called 'Payphone' and is by 'Maroon 5.'" he said. "It sounds awesome! How have I lived all my life without listening to" I said. "Well, now you can live normally." he laughed. His beautiful brown eyes sparkled. He flipped his brown hair over a little. He was adorable.

Liam's POV

I looked into her eyes. They sparkled. Her long golden hair was in a ponytail. She had no make-up on her face. Those are the girls I like - who be themselfs. I hate how some girls just put make-up all over their faces. They look like a different person. "So," I didn't know what to say. "So," she replied back. "How been for you?" I asked her. "My father never let me go." Macy said to me. I felt so bad for her, she had to probably be hit all day, and no education. "I am so sorry, love," I leant over and kissed her cheek. She backed away, scared. "I'm so sorry, love," I told her. "I thought you were gong to bite me. I'm sorry, what were you doing?" she asked me. "I kissed you." I told her. "What's a kiss?" she asked. The poor thing didn't even know what a kiss was. "It is when you put your lips on someones cheek or lips." I said. "Oh, I had a boyfriend but he never 'kissed' me." "Oh," I said. "Anyways, where are we going?" Macy asked me. "To my house. The rest of One Direction lives there." I told her. "Oh, what are their names?" she asked me. "Niall, Louis, Harry, and Zayn." I told Macy. "Harry Styles?" she asked. "Yea," I replied. "One time, my friend was talking about a boy named Harry Styles." "Oh, cool!" I reacted. "We are British accept Niall. He's Irish." "Oh, I like your accent! It's so attractive." she smiled as she told me. "Thank you. Are you American?" I asked Macy. "Yes." I think I wanted to be with Macy.

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