Love At First Sight

Macy Adams is just a girl that hated living. She is abused at home, her mom died recently, and her boyfriend just dumped her. She lives a horrible life and plans on killing herself. But right before she does, they guy that will change we life, saves her life.


6. I Think I'm In Love

Macy's POV

I didn't get scared this time. I just stayed there 'kissing' Liam. He finally pulled back. "You know, when I was explaining what a kiss was to you, I left out a part." Liam said. "It also means, 'I love you.''' I was shocked. Liam loved me? Why me? "Why do you love me?" I ask him. "Because, I do." he said and kissed me again. We just kept kissing until Niall walked in. "Liam, Har-" he cut off and we pulled away quickly. "Umm, I'll come back..." he said and walked out the door. "No wait, Nialler!" Liam said running out the door. When Liam kissed me, I felt something. I felt tingly in the inside. I think I'm in love...

"Sorry about that, Macy." he said. ''It is okay." I replied. "Macy, look. I know we have only known eachother for like a day, but I really love you. I blush whenever I think about you. When we kissed, I mean, I felt like you were the only girl in the world." he said. Oh Liam, he was so brave. But I don't know if I loved him. Maybe as a friend.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" he asked me. I looked at him. He was adorable, caring, sweet, smart, british. But I just didn't know. "Umm...I'll be right back," I said running out the door. "Nialler, I need to talk to you."

"Yes, Macy?" he asked in his irish accent. "Can we go outside?" "Yeah," he said. I opened the front door and we walked out. "Macers, are you okay?" he always called me Macers. "Yes, I'm fine." I tell him. "Did Liam do something to you?"  he asked. "Yea, he saved my life. Anyways, he just asked me out. I want to just be friends, though. He looked really desperate. I would break him if I said 'no'.'' "Just do what I did. I told Hollie to take her time." Hollie was Niall's girlfriend.

"Yea, but he asked me out..." I say. "Oh right! Just say-" I cut him off. "Niall," I start, "I think I'm going to say yes. I mean, I just thought about it. I think I'm in love, Niall." I say to him. "Okay, now Macers, go tell him!"

I walk back to the room, with Liam in tears. ''Liam! What's wrong?" I said. I ran up to him. "Nevermind what I said to you about being my girlfriend," he said. "Why?! I was going to say yes! Yes, yes, yes!" I told him. I hugged him tight. "No, it's not that, here let me explain." Liam said. He turned around, facing me, cris-cross applesauce.

''You know Caitlyn, right? I've talked about her before. Well, Zayn was trying to be nice and tell her I asked someone out. She got mad and sent me a text message. Here, let me show you," he pulled out his iPhone 5, went to the message icon, and pulled up Caitlyn's messages. It said:

''Liam, how dare you. I thought you still had feelings for me. You know, I'm after you now. I know where you are. I know who she is. I know. -Caitlyn''

"How dare that bi-'' Liam cut me off. "No bad words," he laughed. This is why I love him. "Brat," I laughed. "We should call the police," I say. "No, Macy, don't," he said. "I think she is trying to just scare us." "Yea, I think you're right." "C'mon, lets go downstairs." "Wait...I just wanna make sure were dating. I'm not saying I don't want to, just making sure.'' I say to him. "Yea," he said back. I nod. We intertwine our fingers and walk down the stairs. 

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